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You' ll find dozens of archived news reports and your favorite shows on TV News Youtube channel. The agreement provides for VOA to broadcast Burmese TV programs on the DVB channel. German News, Education, Documentary, Myanmar. It will not be allowed to live elsewhere or to travel freely. His Excellency Hla Win came out of a prison in northern Burma, DVB reported.

Exiled churches, the world' s information flow and democratization: Burma' s voice in the 2010 election process

The paper examines the connections between trans-national flow of medias and societal and political changes in dictatorial regimes through an economic analysis by the exiled democracy Voice of Burma (DVB), a leading exiled Myanmar medias group. Observations and feedbacks at DVB's Oslo studios during the 2010 Burma election and documentaries will explore how diaspora-movies can help democratise in a country where freedom of the written and spoken in politics is greatly restricted.

Appadurai's first section is based on Appadurai's idea of world streams to explore the trans-national streams of individuals, finance, media, idea and technologies that contributed to DVB's business from 1992 to 2010. This next section looks at the concepts of mass communication and democratic politics in order to explore DVB's groundbreaking reporting on the 2010 poll.

Lastly, the paper closes with a brief debate on the continued importance of opposing forces' medias outside Burma in the midst of the liberalisation policies carried out by Thein Seine's nominal civil regime in 2011.

US President Obama arrives in Burma

Peacemaking and wealth for all Myanmar's population! Get to know simple truth about this wonderful land. Myanmar sucks, I know that. Do not let other opinion about your land insult you.

It' not an innocent thing, as some folks can be quite selfish, patriotic and - to a certain extent - hostile to foreigners. On a personal level I would like to see the Myanmar civilization! Myanmar government officers wore thongs to welcome Obama, head of the world's most mighty state! Well, at least the government of Burma can give everyone a set of sneakers!

It' Longyi' is said:'It is a typical Myanmar costume and it is an honour to be dressed like that. In Burma we don't even carry footwear, we carry slippers: Because that's how we carry in Burma ("Myanmar") and that's our way of getting dressed. For me it offends me when someone who does not know and respect the origins, cultures and customs of another state.

and he is held in high esteem in our country. And if they refuses to take off their boots, which could violate the Buddha ist cult and the government of Burma. Aviatorspot - Pres Obama and Hillary Clinton were also barefoot in Shwedagon in Yangon, Burma. It' so silly that a lean, underfed, Myanmar military man cried on his lungs just to be heeded.

All Obama should have brought them was something to eat! After all, the Bible says that the assembly of the faithful is a congregation, not the edifice in which the Bible endorses the unity of the faithful, so that one cannot tell men that they should not go to the Church. To know which congregation you should belong to, you must study your Bible to make sure that what this congregation is practicing is consistent with the Word of God.

I would advise you to take Jesus into your lives & to be born again and to obey God's Word, the Bible, which is Jesus Christ. Also Hebrews 10:25 says to us that we are to be joined together with other faithful as a church, it is a bellsayer.

I have @fall 1. off how the fukk you know what's in my closet and isht kind of like me? Oh, the People of Burma know (that the US and NayPhyedaw thugs only do businesses for themselves), but they want and hope because that's all they have. u are Myanmar, I am fucking u Dorinitely I really want to screw the Butchers.

hv many monks in bcos i am mulim and I just fucking & just a lot. all monks of bma. all monks are attacking why we monks why we Islamic brothers are awaiting this. hv many monks in bcos and hv many muslims in the whole wide globe. they are killing all monks....to my comprehension bma is a sacred country.

With all the Burmese group, don'tlisten to all that simpleton no awareness Obama Hasser. They are nothing but a racial pretender, just like those filthy Europeans like the Brits who invaded and invaded Burma 100 years ago. The OBAMA is your response for freedom and wealth. Where' s the Mrs. Obama?

The president has a minute to bow down with the cute people. Burma another country with a very powerful communist ruling class, the remainder of the people, first and foremost Buddhist religion, peace be upon you! But Burma is improving, we must confess. She was even able to take a seats in the new parliament thanks to Burma's multinational press and collaboration.

Though this isn't much, I know, but the land is making huge strides in other areas too, like the military disclosing it's hold on energy in the last few pairs of years. Wennerström is the war-maker..... When you think Barack Obama is going to introduce democratization into your nation, you are wrong. Usually he is a Nazi/USA president to turn the United States into a Nazi state and put the United States into the position of the "Third World". For one moment, you think he will do everything for the Myanmar nation? he doesn't care about you! he doesn't care about it! he doesn't care about it!

All you bamarly say " please help USA", are jesters. poorly trained, USA "democracy", means poor for Burma. pls discouss ab deprived...........................................................................................................................................? I' m too sorry I said, "Fuck you." This is the beginning of a brandnew Chapet in Burma.

Him Heho? why should we stop carrying it? it shows us that we are real Myanmar and my anglophone instructor is enjoying to wear the clothes we call Pasoé for boys+men and Longgyi for girls+women......... keep your mouth closed! un dun noewad ur says it's our nation gown, it's not fun ok? how does Obama come to Yangon with Hilary? and what has to do with me and bombs and South Park? Uhm om and South Park?

In Burma, we've been waiting 24 years for this to happen. I would like to thank President Barack Obama. This means that we can once again be safe in our land. So when will the Myanmar government stop using these weird clothes? Everybody doesn't have a dumb notion, like talking about how the bombardment of another land like Hillary in Europe can do it. Can you be better than them?

Mr. Barack Obama, thank you very much, please end the civil conflict in Mammar. I' ve recently seen a film about the Air Force One crew and how intensively they are preparing for every presidential outing. Mr President, I very much appreciate your recent mission to our land, Myanmar, and I very much look forward to this mission increasing our democratic drive.......

Yay...Mr. Obama...Welcome to the Golden Land of Myanmar!

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