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The Burmese government monitors "abuse" of the web

Burma's lower chamber today passed a bill giving the Burmese authorities the authority to monitor web abuse. Mr. Thant Zin Maung Maung, Acting Secretary of the Ministry of Transport and Communication, endorsed the suggestion. By March, the administration said 89 per cent of the nation's population was now on-line.

Facebook, which has at least 14 million bank account registrations in Burma, is by far the most widely used media on the web. As advocates indeed say it is offering cover against libel, critics say the federal administration and the army have used the bill to shut up criticisms and smother disagreements. Zaw Moe Htet of Mandalay was accused or imprisoned in August as the eighteenth Mandalay reporter for "online defamation" since the Aung San Suu Kyi administration took office last year.

Kachin was accused of publishing on Facebook commentaries about the Prime Minster of Kachin State.

Call to post-mortem of Burmese agrarian

Aktivists want a thorough inquiry into the murder of a country lawyer in Burma and better defence of country defence lawyers in the midst of a strong rise in territory wars. Aung Htay, who helped the village inhabitants regain lands trapped in a long tug-of-war, was assaulted by a crowd of some 20 individuals in North Shan State, as right-wing groups and stories in the country's regional press testify.

According to the FDIH (International Federation for International Dignity and Violence ) campaigners, investigations are underway by the policy. It also requires public agencies "to take efficient action to protect the defence of people defending fundamental freedoms, especially those defending country law, from such lethal attacks," it says in a declaration. Only a few Burmese peasants have official documentation for their country, and even official title does not offer sufficient shelter, according to the Global Witness lobby group.

Since the loosening of post-2011 policy and trade barriers, which has resulted in an influx of overseas investment and an increase in space requirements for use in industry, there has been a significant increase in disagreements over this area. Goverment authorities say that these ventures, which include coal mines, hydroelectric power and large-scale farming, are vital to develop in one of the worlds impoverished states.

Burma passed new legislation in 2012 that allowed peasants to obtain certification for the use of their lands in order to make them more secure. In spite of these reform, real estate transactions are often characterized by a failure to consult and agree with the municipalities concerned, insufficient remuneration, a missing relocation strategy and a missing legal remedy.

In addition, there has been an increase in the arrest and persecution of demonstrators and ruralists. The FIDH said in a recent FIDH bulletin that Burma could face a "land conflicts epidemic" if legislation and guidelines are not passed and complied with. Two or more environmental and agriculturalists were murdered in Burma last year, according to Global Witness, although the real figure is likely to be higher.

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