Dress of Myanmar

Apparel by Myanmar

In addition to traditional costume, Myanmar people wear European clothes on many occasions, and when they wear suits, they wear shoes. The Burmese often mix Longyi with other garments, from T-shirts, shirts, jackets to vests. Burma is a large country with different ethnic minorities in different regions. The embroidered scarf is worn over the shoulders during Bagan, but clothing remains the biggest change in Myanmar fashion lately. I' ve heard that women in Myanmar were shy in the past to show their ankles.

Burma traditional costume

The Myanmar folk dress is made up of two kits, one for men and one for girls. Longyi is the name of the men's dress, which looks like a dress for a woman, often perfectly worn in combination with a shirts or a classic tapi. If you wear this dress, men tether it around the waist and it is usually 2 meters (6.6 ft) and runs to the legs.

Since the dress is simple to fold, men often have to adapt it when they move from place to place. There are no bags for Longyi, so if you want to wear things, you have to put them around your dress at the midsection. The Thummy is the female outfit of Myanmar, similar to Laos or Thailand.

This top shirt is running at waistline. A 5 inch broad strip of jersey "Ahtet hsin" is placed on the top of the coat, which holds the coat firmly to prevent accidents. There are many places where folk dress traditionally on occasion, while Myanmar wears their costume every day. This is because they feel at ease in the country's climate and it is simple for them to take off their clothing when they need it.

Whereas men in Myanmar are wearing black clothing, men in Myanmar dress in colourful dresses with different designs, especially the flowers. They' re both wearing flip-flops. Yet on certain events Europeans are wearing underwear. The most interesting use of the suit is a raincover or a sun-repellent cloak, if necessary.

In Myanmar, the population is not choosy about clothing in particular and the way of life in general. Girls seldom wear make-up. When you visit Myanmar, you can therefore experience the proximity of these lands, where there are many kind and welcoming inmates. It' rewarding for anyone who comes to Myanmar, tries on Longyi or Thummy and experiences the way of life here, so that the tourist gets a real taste of this beautiful area.

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