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Dragon Li is a Chinese domestic cat breed, which comes from the burgeoning Chinese folklore and dynastic culture. The dragon Li, which is thought to have existed in the wild for centuries, has effectively domesticated itself and has since been developed as a race. Li Dragon Cat breed information: general description, appearance, behavior, temperament, health and other interesting facts. Dragon Li is a friendly cat that likes to interact with people. A self-domesticated cat, originally from China.

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Dragon Li (also known as Li Hua, Li Hua, Li Hua, Li Hua Mau, Li Hua Mao (in Pinyin); Chinese: 310 or just Li Mao (Chinese sign: ??)) is a local kitten race from the emerging China folk and dynastical world. It is a naturally occurring race derived from a local land race and is officially recognised by the American CFA and CAA (Cat Aficionado Association of China).

Dragon Li has a singular golden-brown, fractured macarel design (also known as fractured stripes), pronounced tips, large, round, almond-shaped, bright yellow/green coloured ears and a powerful, full-bodied build that reminds of its savage naturalness. Dragon Li is appreciated for its unmistakeable intellect, its eerie perception of its environment and its capacity to clearly communicate with people.

Dragon Li of the same name is considered a naturally self-domesticating race via the wildcat sub-species, the ancient Chineses Bergkatze (Felis Silvestri bieti). Although this theorem is still somewhat disputed, it has not been refuted by science and is therefore widely acknowledged as the source of this race in China's traditional breeder wells.

China's font interpretations are rather founded on a legend ary rather than a fully precise modern representation of the dragon Li, and as a consequence the race was mistaken by the Chineses for that of the raven. That is why the literally transliterated signs for Li Hua Mao are as in fox(?), ?? for floral patterns and ?? for cats.

It is a font descriptor from China written on the basis of what was considered the best way of interpreting the word before it became the norm in contemporary cat vocabulary, i.e. a "flower pattern" versus a tobacco mock.

Dragoon Li - Facts and Information

Dragon Li comes from the..... Known in China as Li Hua Mao, which means'fox flower cat', the race has a very unsafe histor. The dragon Li, which is thought to have been in the great outdoors for hundreds of years, has become an effective domesticator and has been a race since then. Little is known about how or when the cats were born, although it is thought that they are an ancient race that grew in a natural way - possibly from the Chinese mountain cats, as distinct from selective breeding.

Dragon Li is characterized by..... Dragon Li is a small, muscled race with a very savage look. The Dragon Li is still held in high esteem in China for its hunt and salvage skills. A dragon, on the whole..... When you are lucky enough to find a grower, the Dragon Li is a great option for a family with small kids or a committed freehold.

A mature dragon Li weighs on board 9-12 lbs, with a lifespan of 12-15 years. For no race is without its infirmity.....

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