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Epidemiological investigations

More than 647,000 Rohingya (according to the Intersector Coordination Group of 12 December) have escaped from Myanmar to Bangladesh since then. "In Myanmar we encountered and talked to Myanmar violent remnants who are now seeking refuge in Bangladesh's crowded and unhygienic shelters. It was shocking to see both the number of individuals who were reporting the death of a member of their families as a consequence of violent events and the terrible way in which they said they had been murdered or seriously wounded.

There were 608,108 refugees in the areas included in the survey, of whom 503,698 had escaped Myanmar after 25 August. Overall household deaths were 8.0/10,000 per person per diem between 25 August and 24 September. That corresponds to the deaths of 2. 26% (between 1. 87% and 2. 73%) of the sample.

Applying this percentage to the entire populations that have reached the centres surveyed since 25 August, it would be assumed that between 9,425 and 13,759 Rohingya were killed in the first 31 day after the beginning of the violent event, at least 1,000 under-fives.

Polls show that of these fatalities, at least 71. Seven per cent were due to force, even among under 5s. That is at least 6,700 persons, 730 of whom are orphans. Overall, shots were the cause of fatalities in 69% of violent fatalities, followed by burns in their homes (9%) and beatings to death of 5 percent.

More than 59% of the under 5s were executed during this time, 15% were burned in their house, 7% were bludgeoned to death and 2% were destroyed by mine explosions. It is therefore too early to sign an accord on the refugee returns between the Myanmar and Bangladesh authorities.

It is important not to force Rohingya to go back, and their security and human dignity must be ensured before such a plan can be seriously catered for.

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