Dr Moekya

Dr. Moekya

Dr. Kemunto Mokaya is a dermatologist based in Alcoa, Tennessee and Blount Memorial Hospital. Dr. Kemunto Mokaya, MD is a doctor based in Alcoa, TN. Dr.

Kemunto Mokaya's overall average patient rating is excellent. Dr. Kemunto Mokaya, MD is a certified dermatologist in Alcoa, Tennessee. Dr. Kemunto Mokaya is a dermatologist in Alcoa, Tennessee.

Dr. Kemunto Mokaya MD Reviews | Alcoa, TN

Dr. Kemunto Mokaya, MD is a doctor based in Alcoa, TN. Dr. Mokaya has won 2 honors. Dr. Kemunto Mokaya's overall mean score is excellent. Dr. Kemunto Mokaya was evaluated by 18 people. Of these 18 respondents, 10 have commented with their evaluation.

Dr. Kemunto Mokaya's overall score is 4.7 out of 5.0-star. Dermatologists are physicians who have comprehensive education and expertise in the field of dermis, scalps, hairs, and fingernails and treat diseases affecting these areas. They will assess any anomaly, disfigurement or lesions on the dermis to identify the cause and establish a course of therapy.

The dermatologist provides the patient with full length skins to detect indications of a disease requiring medical attention, such as e.g. melanoma. They can also offer cosmetics such as moles removals, procedures to reduce scarring and even face and face tightening. Pediatricians are doctors who specialize in the periodic management of pediatric health and the diagnosing and treating of diseases in infants.

Younger people are often more difficult to care for because they are still growth and evolution. Whereas paediatricians can specialise in certain therapeutic areas such as cancer, eye surgeries, ophthalmologies and anaesthesia, paediatricians in general offer a range of treatments such as vaccination, medical check-ups and the management of frequent diseases and wounds. Furthermore, pediatrists are educated in dealing with the complexity of children's emotions and behavioural problems, especially during adolescence.

Paediatricians usually see their patient from the time of delivery until the early 18s, although some of them can be treated until the early 1920s if desired. Dr. Mokaya was referred to me by a mate and I couldn't be more happy-- Recently I changed to Dr. Mokaya because my former einermatologist retired.

She' s got a melanoma and the scars look great! Completely happy with the maintenance I have had. She' s very thorough in her dermal examination and can also explain things very well.

She cares for my own body and the problems of my relatives.

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