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He still couldn't stand the ideas of college. I couldn't go to a new college and face new children. Couldn't get back to his old college the way it is. Couldn't go back to his academy with adaptations or review fourth grades rather than moving up to junior high because he didn't want the other children who know he was different.

2 ) He didn't want to be at home - he realized that somehow he had to go to college, and at home he's already getting tired - he just couldn't think about it without panic. In fact, he was willing to discuss the academy, but the only way he considered possible was to return to his old academy if it gave him the opportunity to alleviate his fear.

So, our shrink approached the educational shrink to see if this was even possible (he goes to a home college; don't advertise IEP'). So the shrink said it wasn't a prob. Key things that had been arranged were 1) that the teacher wouldn't call him in public (something some of them were occasionally known about), if he didn't do schoolwork in the first few week or if he didn't write things down in grade 2) that he would be leaving a mobile telephone (bought for this purpose) in the nurse's offi ce, and if he panicked, he could walk out of grade and write to me.

We had a frightened period the week before going to college, but he said he was "nervous and agitated - uptight! Every single orphanage he went to every single student and spent the whole orphanage. They all asked me a few lyrics a days, but how he could deal with his emotions and help him return to the classroom or get bored with the syllabus (which looked dull and rigid, quite different from what had been described last springs in the parental guidance of junior high school).

As we had only been meeting with the shrink before going to college - he said he should be the mediator instead of meeting all of us - my man now talked to every schoolteacher and confirmed with the shrink the nurse's textual schedule (the shrink even said - before HB - that he could take as long as he needed to write, which in my view was a flaw, but what can you do).

Towards the end of the first few weeks, my man and I were supposed to get together with the shrink and the director to discuss how things are going and how we can do better - that's what we thought. I congratulated the director's rock (I really liked it!) and she caught, "Hmph.

" And then the shrink asked us to describe how things are going. So I summed up the event and said that it would probably have been better if HB had been a few extra days before the start of the class, because that was not an optional, but we were hoping that the shelter he had would help him to relieve his fears and allow him to return to his old self and to take part fully after a little while, and that although it had only been a little more than a few days, things seemed to be a little better for him.

He was at the college for five years without a scientific event and this was the first case where we had asked for any kind of accommodation and the director cried out. It was more difficult to fallsleep because he had a great deal of sleep problems because of his fear of starting the first day of his studies, but we let him know that it was not allowable.

It would not ask the teacher to deal with him differently from the other children if he had not done the work (and, she said, none of them would embarrass a kid in public anyway; "that's his perceptions; that's not what happened"). All the while, the shrink who gave us the whole scheme nods to everything she says.

"This means that I'm done with this one. If the lodgings had not been available, we would never have tried to return him and we would have investigated other possibilities; now we are in our classes for a few days and have no place for him. We said that none of this was his fault, that nothing was the matter with him, that we hadn't noticed that the management of the secondary schools was so different from that of the lower schools, and that they were the ones that went back to the arrangement, not him.

He is more devoted than ever and doesn't want to be in the performing part of his skirt class anymore (maybe because it's a school?). I sometimes think, stop it, there are those whose children have life-threatening diseases. Previously we knew that this shrink was someone who liked being at the centre of everything and crossing borders, but we did not press to meet the director himself.

We figured the junior high would be like the lower one without really examining it. And according to the agreement we had to make, the boarding kicks in its $25,000. We never got the memorandum back when most children were detained from nursery for a year on June anniversaries, unless they were so huge that they would look outrageous.

" While I concurred, I said that many children with this combo were struggling with fear and mental distress because they can intelligently comprehend things that other children do not realize, they are emotional unwilling to deal with all this information. For a number of reason our community based community college is not an optional course, even if we had an IGP.

We have a few privately-run colleges that may be able to cope with his fear and have the agility to allow him to move forward in many ways; we have scheduled phone and visitations, but it is not clear that there is room for this year. It would be extremely hard, not least because he trusted so few folks - less now - and he would be compelled to be alone with a foreigner for most of the time.

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