Downtown in Yangon

Yangon City Centre

Many of the city's most important art and sports venues are located on the site. In downtown Yangon and on the riverbank. Pegu Club, north of the city centre, is one of Yangon's most atmospheric buildings. When you walk along the city's Pansodan Boulevard, it's not hard to imagine the cosmopolitan splendour of old Rangoon: prominent banks, large villas and luxurious department stores. Wellcome to the Best Western Chinatown Hotel.

Opening of new Doner Dönerhaus in Downtown Yangon

The Olive Kabab House is the kind of place where you'll notice how much you failed to eat the koabab and how those few happy few are over. Our family-run communal kitchen serves several kinds of kebabs and thick flatbread at reasonable rates in a simple framework. Nearly everything is boiled from the ground up with the help of a loam stove, and the restaurant's leg of leg of pork is at the top of the paean.

The personnel serves the leg of pork stock as a free side dish or clients looking for an avrodisiac can consider the ox tail stock on the advice of the proprietor. Tens of thousands of kyat are more than enough to fill you, probably for a few whole Days. Kebabs like the long, handmade chopped Adeana and the Turkic biscuit are 6,000 kyat and are offered with paddy and lettuce or paddy and yogurt.

A spicy skewer of chickens with beautifully seasoned Mandri rices costs 5,000 Kyat, while the curry (oxtail, ram, veal, beef tongues) costs between 2,500 and 5,000 Kyat. There is a pita-pide flatbread with minced meat, chickens or cheddar/mozzarella of 3,000 kyat. We also recommend the haunch of turkey with mashed potatoes, a dips of tomatoes and the saddle of saddle of pork.

Olive Kebab began two years ago as a food and beverage caterer.

Protest ban confirmed in downtown Yangon

Rangoon - Rangoon P.D. has affirmed that protests and manifestations in downtown Rangoon and other densely populated areas will no longer be allowed, as ordered by the regional Interior Ministry. All 11 communities subject to the prohibition are Kyauktada, Pabedan, Latha, Lanmadaw, Botahtaung, Bahan, Sanchaung, Dagon, Ahlone, Mingalar Taung Nyunt and Pazundaung.

These areas are located in key parts of the town and have through roads used by the general population and the Celebrities. Demonstrations disrupt commuting, harass the general population, and pose security issues, the guideline states. The groups that apply for demonstrations within the 11 boroughs are led to the Township Tamwe area.

Yangon Town Hall is situated in the municipality of Kyauktada in the centre of the town. It is one of the most crowded areas of the town. The majority of the rallys and demos take place outside Mahabandoolaola Park, which is in front of the Town Hall to attract generality. Recent meetings in front of Town Hall were an inter-religious peacemaking demonstration organised by the National League for Democracy (NLD) governing National League for Democracy (NLD) Yangon on 31 October, with the participation of Division President U Phyo Min Thein, and a pro-military and nationalistic demonstration involving tens of thousand participatet.

Demonstrations led to heavy congestions and commuter complains. "The ban on protesting in certain areas where there is a schools or governments is reasonable, but it is not natural to restrict it in an entire area (township)," he said. Myanmar's law on peaceful assembly and procession obliges protesters to inform Mexican officials 48 hrs before a demonstration or demonstration is held in a city.

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