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Pigeon (Streptopelia xanthocycla)

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Myanmar dove flies with Majorca eagles, elephants and dragons | USA & Canada

Last Tuesday she addressed the Asia Society, almost 40 years after her last appearance on this non-partisan group. Suu Kyi, head of the National League for Democracy or NLD, is at the head of her country's transformation to democratization and progress after a decade of stagnant war.

" Aung San, the revolutionist and father of contemporary Myanmar, was murdered in 1947 just a few month before his own nation gained its British nation. Made by her mum at the tender of two years, she studied in Myanmar and went to colleges in India and the UK.

Soon after arriving in Yangon, Suu Kyi became the head of the biggest rebellion in Myanmar's entirety. When she won the first free elections in Myanmar in 30 years in 1990, the army declined to acknowledge her victor. Their many performances in the USA were celebrated as a triumph of good over bad, a triumph of democracy over army government and a triumph of socialist reclaim.

Dove has become a symbolic figure for the ascent of Asia, for its solid yet adaptable character. It seems to embody the ideal mixture of East and West, with its British training and emphasis, in combination with its Myanmar face and body, or at least that's how it is presented in the West.

Flickering advances President Obama talked about a summers ago have resulted in a modification in which new legislation has been passed in Myanmar with a cease-fire regime. India's position in Myanmar has expanded. In May 2012, after President Obama cheered on the India Assembly, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh paid a visit to Myanmar.

Mumbai's India administration has come out of its region and is making available investment in Myanmar in trade, technology and finance. No different from Bhutan, another small national state at the foot of the Himalayas, Myanmar is sharing many ethnic groups with India. Myanmar and India could soon both provide coach connections between Mandalay and Imphal (the northeast state of Manipur in India).

In Myanmar, China is also on the rise. Myanmar's President Thein Sein addressed the United Nations and the Asia Society in New York City. Presenting to the global public a new Myanmar economy on the trail of Suu Kyi's peace-making and gentle powers. It is planning to draw both Chinese and US donors to it.

"Last weekend, Thein Sein assured at a Chinese exhibition that Burma's No. 1 investment has nothing to worry about with Burma's new hug with the US and the West," the Pakistani daily Daily Times reported. The Asia Society stated that a joint Foreign Minister Hillary Clinton and Thein Sein in New York led to measures to relax an anti-Myanmar ban on imports.

"Last weeks advocacy by Aung San Suu Kyi for further relaxation of Washington's public penalties has certainly contributed to this trend. Your assistance also gave the Congress the go-ahead for a piece of US law that would allow the US to channel much-needed funding to Myanmar through the World Bank and the IMF.

However, the truth is that she has paved the way for Thein Sein by making a forgiving statement and underlining that both are working towards a shared objective. "It seems that the Myanmar dove with the US Adler, the India 11th and the China kite is soaring.

Suu Kyi is committed to promoting the cause of the people of Myanmar, both men and woman, as well as the cause of minority people. Asked about Myanmar's geo-political situation, she said her land is strategic between India, China and Thailand. "Between China and India, at the intersection of South Asia and Southeast Asia, our relationship with China and the US and Burma-USA would of course emerge," she said.

We do not know what it is like to be a democracy," she added. "In the Asia Society, Thein Sein also said: "Both Burma and the US are Democracies. If there are democratic transition points, there are changes in relations. It is important to revitalise the democratic world.

It is important that we work with people. "Accompanied by his Secretary of State for Trade, Finances, Frontier Safety and Global Relations, Myanmar's Chairman stressed the already begun democratic process, which included a cease-fire, the release of detainees and the new Alien Investments Act. Of course, this transfer will call for a sensitive balance between the United States and China.

The opening of an important section of the American Peninsula will determine China's focus on an aspiring domestic back yard. The Making of a Global President, writer of Barack Obama in Hawaii and India, has been named one of the top 10 of the 2012 edition of African historical textbooks.

and Crossroads of Leadership: Globalisation and American exceptionalism during the Obama presidency, will be featured in Routledge Press.

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