Dorrie the Witch

Or the Witch

She is the author and illustrator of many children's picture books, including the popular Dorrie the Little Witch series. Here you can find the complete Dorrie the Little Witch book series by Patricia Coombs. The tropics in Dorrie, the little witch.


She is a little witch whose "hat always sits obliquely and whose socks never match". She' s living with her mom, the Great Witch, and her landlord Cook. With the exception of Dorrie and the Haunted Schoolhouse and the 2009-2010 Print-on-Demand (POD) reproductions, all 20 Dorrie titles are currently out of stock.

1964 - When Dorrie is abandoned at home by the Great Witch, she chooses a Gink teahouse event. Dorrie opens the doors in the expectation that Cook will be here any moment. She finds the evil Blue Witch instead of Cook. She sifted through Cook's Wizard's Wardrobe, used its content to catch the Blue Witch and received a golden kettle for her work.

Dorrie's play, 1965 - Scared away by the Great Witch and the cook, Dorrie chooses to take a piece with Gink. She takes some fabric from the stitching room and uses it for her game. Unbeknownst to the Great Witch's suit for the ball, she edited Cook's suit and used it for drapes.

When they discover that the Great Witch's suit is in ruins, Dorrie comes up with an ideal that makes the Great Witch the victor. Born and the Heather Box, 1966 - Dorrie finds a hamper and wants to have a picknick, but it's rain. Resolves to repair the meteorological conditions using the Great Witch's mysterious magical space.

Not able to find a formula for smelting a cloud, Dorrie blends two formulas and is hoping for the best. Rather than repairing the weathers, Dorrie manages a colourful gale in the building. Big Witch comes home just in case to fix things. 1967 - Dorrie and the witch doctor, 1967 - Dorrie pledges her best behaviour when grumpy Aunt Agra comes to see her.

She starts to get sick and is sent to sleep. A witch doctor is summoned and comes to Dorrie to be diagnosed, but Aunt Agra is the one receiving the therapy. The Wizard's Spell, 1968 - Dorrie has a great day at the bazaar until her mom vanishes and it turns out to be Wink the Wizard's fault.

During a gale, Dorrie is taped out of her home by a protective charm so that she can hide in an old forest shelter. There, she meets two thugs who have taken Witchville's magic Blue Ruby. Born in 1971 - At an emporium to buy some balls for the Great Witch's birthdays pie, Dorrie meets the roguish Thinnever Vetch, who is stealing Dorrie's Galo.

As the Egg Witch and the Big Witch are trying to find out which of the chickens are putting cash instead of balls, Dorrie must try to stop Thinnever Vetch from doing anything tricky with them all. Sleeping with Dorrie and the Witch, 1972 - Dorrie finds a wizard on her front door the night the Great Witch has her magic show.

He is not thrown out and Susan is sitting in her room until the guoblin comes out and Dorrie has to rescue the day and the guoblin with her magical powers. The magician Floog is holding the city tower and the meadow as a loan and is about to close it.

Then, a psychic Madame Zee appears and sees the destruction of Witchville ahead, and Dorrie asks herself if Madame Zee can be confided in. Born in 1974, Dorrie and the Amazing Magical Edition - The Great Witch goes out and leaves Dorrie to take charge of her new magicallixir. When a new group of Witch's moved to Glumglen in 1975, the Great Witch invited them to eat.

When the Great Witch leaves to get her new gown, a guest, Gloris, comes to step in for Cook. Dorrie Gloris is helping to cook the evening meal while the Great Witch is away. She quickly becomes distrustful of Gloris, and rightly so. But Gloris does her best to get Dorrie out of the way and even summons a goblin to take Dorrie's place.

After a frenzied effort to rid a broom handle, Dorrie hears the Flying Demons stealing the Book of Shadows while everyone is diverted from the Halloween competition. In a horrible outfit and without losing a moment, Dorrie must use her mind to stop the thievery.

The Dreamyard Monster, 1977 - The dream witch has run out of potions and everyone in Witchville has bad dreams about lilac beasts. As the Great Witch's magic of summoning the Dream Witch goes awry, Dorrie is taken to Traumhof, where she must help bring the monster back under controll.

The Screebit of Dorrie and the Screebit Gallery, 1979 - Dorrie's mom takes part in a séance, mistakenly leave her directions on how to conjure souls. She finds the magic and tries it out by unknowingly introducing a fun but impish spirit into the family. 1980 - Once again, it's up to Dorrie to rescue Witchville when malevolent Old Irontoes create a funnyhouse looking glass that will captivate anyone involved at the Witchville Fair.

The Witch Camp, 1983 - Odd things have happened in the Witch Camp, and while the Great Witch is insisting that this is just a case of over-excited fantasies, Cook and Dorrie begin to believe that the rumors about the bear and monster seals may have some real meaning without knowing that there is an even more eerie explan.

Since all Witchville is preparing for the Witch Prom, only Dorrie believes that the recent moroseness of everyone has something to do with the evil Pin Witch and the free caps and scarves she gave out. When Dorrie and the Haunted Schoolhouse, 1992 - The Great Witch persists in seeing Dorrie go to college, but on her return Dorrie and the other pupils can't find the instructor and choose to waste their precious energy by trying out the drink prescription recorded on the blackboard.

Though known for her Dorrie range, Patricia Coombs has also authored and published several other storybooks for them. Waddy is given the opportunity to take charge of the baby and to show his relatives that he can be useful. In this sassy story, a little devil turns into a magical jar and assists a penniless pair by robbing from a rich home.

She illustrates all her own works and provides illustrations for the following works by other authors: The Dorrie and the Weather Box is published in the Parade of Stories (1974), edited by Esther M. Bjoland. It' Dorrie and the pin-witch. The Dorrie and the Halloween plot.

This is Dorrie and the Blue Witch.

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