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n] is a town in the Austrian province of Vorarlberg. Since Dornbirn is relatively small, it has a large public transport system. Big savings at the hotels in Dornbirn, Austria online. The Dornbirn is the largest city in the Austrian province of Vorarlberg.

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The Dornbirn [?d??nb??n] is a small village in the province of Vorarlberg, Austria. Dornbirn is the administration center of the Dornbirn county, which also comprises the Hohenems municipality and the Lustenau municipality. The Dornbirn is the biggest in Vorarlberg and the 10th biggest in Austria. The Dornbirn lies in the west of Vorarlberg at 437 meters above sealevel in the alpine Rhine valley, at the base of the Karrenberg, part of the Bregenz forest range at the border of the Eastern Alps.

Dornbirner Ach runs through the city and later into Lake Constance. Once Dornbirn existed only of 4 "quarters": Up to the 20. cent. Dornbirn had annexed two formerly independant villages in the west: Dornbirn accounts for almost 70% of the area of the Dornbirn administrative region and has many boundaries with other towns.

In addition to the two other communities in the Dornbirn administrative region (Hohenems and Lustenau), the city is bordered by 15 communities in the Bregenz administrative region (Lauterach, Wolfurt, Schwarzach, Bildstein, Alberschwende, Schwarzenberg, Reuthe, Mellau, Damüls) and four communities in the Feldkirch administrative region: In the Dornbirn area, the first traces of man's existence date back to the Middle Stone Age.

Dornbirn " is derived from "Torrin puirron", which means the "settlement Torro" (the name of an Alemanic peasant who lives there) and therefore has nothing to do with "pears", although this berry is depicted in a prominent way on the coat of arms of the city. In 1380 Dornbirn became part of the Habsburg Monarchy. Only in 1901 did it receive the statute of a community.

1969 Dornbirn became domicile of the new county administration Dornbirn. Dornbirn Municipal Council has 36 members and the following political parties: Messestadion is an indoors sports stadium in Dornbirn and home to the home country of the icehockey group. The Vorarlberg ORF Vorarlberg region studios are in Dornbirn.

The Zumtobel Lighting Group is an Austrian listed index listed in Dornbirn. It used to be an important center of the textiles industries, which have been in a state of decay since the 1980s. Dornbirn is an important hub for local and inter-regional coach services, linking Bregenz in the northern part, Feldkirch in the southern part and the Bregenzer Wald in the eastern part.

Opened in 2009, the Achrain Rail Link links Dornbirn/Haselstauden directly with the Bregenzerwald - Alberschwende area. There is an outstanding bus service in the city. Dornbirn trainstation is a major stop for all train services from Western to Eastern Austria. There is a small aerodrome in Hohenems. Dornbirn's education facilities comprise the Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences, two general secondary schools and a technical college.

The RHC Dornbirn is one of the most important sporting establishments in Dornbirn and one of the most efficient ice hockey crews in Austria. The Baseball & Softball Club Dornbirn was established in 1990 and has twice won the crown of Austria. Dornbirn BSC comprises a junior squad, two men's squads and two women's squads. www.indians. at for more information.

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