Don Hairless

Doña Hairless

Though they have no fur, Don Hairless still needs a lot of care to keep their skin healthy. As a friendly, intelligent and loving cat, Don Hairless shows an active curiosity for her surroundings. Top " Advice " Cat breeds " Don Hairless (Don Sphynx). Do Hairless are very loving and interactive with their owners. But don't think the Canadian sphynx is the only hairless cat out there.

Doña Hairless

Do Hairless are very loving and interacting with their owner. Though they have no coat, Don Hairless still needs a great deal of care to keep their skins well. Do hairless often need to be cared for to keep their skins well. Over-bathing can make the Don Hairless epidermis greasy. Do not expose Don Hairless to sunburns and should be storeddoors.

Don Hairless was born in Russia in 1987 when a grower called Irina Kovalyova found a hairless female in Roston-on-Don. The hairless cats Kovalyova had found were not related to the sphinx, but resulted from another type of heredity. Cats called Vayra were raised withomestic Shorthairs and European Shorthairs to produce cats with the dominating hairless family.

The Don Hairless was recognised by the International Cat Registry (TICA) as a Donskoy in the USA in 2005.

Doña Hairless

Don Hairless is also known as Don Sphinx or Donskoy. These hairless kittens date from 1987, when grower Elena Kovaleva discovered a hairless cat in Rostov-on-Don. The deficiency in coat of this race can be attributed to a dominating genes, so they are not related to the better known hairless sphynix, which comes from a transgenic one.

Selectively bred, Don Hairless was so well entrenched that it was recognised by the World Catholic Federation in 1997 and by the International Catholic Association in 2005. The Don Hairless is a kind, smart and affectionate female who shows an interest in her environment. The Don Hairless is a kind, smart and affectionate female who shows an interest in her environment.

They have a good time, invent their own plays and express their exuberant playful play with or without the play. As long as these kittens are part of the action, they are lucky. In contrast to many other kittens, they react well to speech instructions and collect a working language well. The Don Hairless is a medium-length female, a muscly and tough female, not as tender as it seems.

They have a low inguinal line that emphasizes their round belly. They have slim-toed, slim-toed, inward-curved "thumbs" so that these females almost look like they have a pair of hand. Don Hairless is available in all colours. However, some of them do indeed produce thin woollen on their breasts and at the end of their tails indoors.

Don Hairless has particular care requirements. They should be given a bath once a weeks and their ear must be cleansed according to the same timetable.

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