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Domodedovo Airlines" JSC (Russian: OAO Aviakompaniya Domodedovskiye Avialinii) was an air carrier based on the premises of Domodedovo International Airport in Domodedovsky district, Moscow region, Russia[1]. It has also carried out regular and ad-hoc charters to China, Europe, Thailand, Maldives, Malaysia and Singapore.

Doomedovo United Air Detachment (Russian: Obyedinennogo Aviaotryada), a department of Aeroflot Soviet Airlines, was founded in March 1964, when flight units 206, 211 and 202 were moved from Vnukovo airport to Sheremetyevo airport. It was founded to provide long-haul connections within the USSR, especially to the Russian Far East and the countries of Eastern Cameroon.

The company's entire fleet was flown under Aeroflot. With a Tupolev Tu-114, the company performed its first air journey from Domodedovo airport to Khabarovsk in the Russian Far East on 25 March 1964. With an Ilyushin Il-62, the carrier launched non-stop operation on the longest internal route in the longest of its kind in the history, Moscow to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, a total range of around 6,800 km.

1979 the company was re-named Domodedovo Civil Aviation Production Association (Domodedovo CAPA) (Russian): On January 20, 1993 Domodedovo CAPA was formally disbanded from Aeroflot when it was granted the operating license ? by the state civil aviation service.

Domodedovo Airlines was founded in January 1998 as Domodedovo Airlines, JSC, as a consequence of the reorganization of Domodedovo CAPA, in which the airfield and the carrier were split. It then flew Ilyushin Il-18 turboprops and Ilyushin Il-62 turbofan jets. Doomedovo Airlines. "145015, Moscow Oblast, Sheremetyevo Oblast, Sheremetyevo Airport, joint-stock company DOMODEDOVO AIRLINES."

Russian address: "?????: World Airlines". International Flight ?? ?? ?? (in Russian).

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