Dollar to Myanmar

The dollar to Myanmar

Hey, people leaving for Myanmar soon. Check out today's best USD to MMK exchange rate. Okay DOLLAR is in Myanmar, Yangon. The ICBC Yangon Branch offers cash deposit and drawing services in Burma's Kyat, US dollar, euro and Singapore dollar.

Will you have to pay (many) bucks? - Myanmar message board

Will you have to pay (many) bucks? I' ve been reading many stories about how things have been changing lately, for example, is it now possible to buy train tickets with Kya? and there should be more atm? Now there are everywhere visitors go (Yangon International and Mandalay Airports, Mdly, Yangon, Bagan, Inle, etc...) - 5,000 kyats ($5) per deposit and up to 300,000 kyats per trip....

Will you have to pay (many) bucks? The loss of foreign currencies is less than the loss of ATM fees and foreign currencies in the hotel. In order to get an understanding, although Kyat is the offical language, US$ is the basic language of many (if not all) Myanmar resorts. Also, sculpture cash is not yet available for all touristic donations in Myanmar.

Will you have to pay (many) bucks? You' re gonna need some more money. Euro's better for you than the dollar. The ING and ASN banks, for example, and SNS debit and credit card do not work, although ABN-AMRO and Rabobank may work. Will you have to pay (many) bucks?

Will you have to pay (many) bucks? They know about the Burmese currency, so it is much wiser to convert the Myanmar currency into US dollar or Kyats rather than paying too much for dollar bills in the Netherlands. Will you have to pay (many) bucks?

I now have 3 week time to get a new working credit card at another one. Will you have to pay (many) bucks? Will you have to pay (many) bucks? Will you have to pay (many) bucks? If you get changes, make sure you get the same default memos.

The majority of places are accepting either Kyat or Dollar - they seem to be exchangeable. One time I used an ATM with my Mastercard credit cards (from Westpac, an Aussie bank).

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