Does it Snow in Myanmar

Is it snowing in Myanmar?

It' snowing in summer. The northern part of Myanmar has snow-capped mountains and small towns in the state of Kachin have snowfall. There is snow in Southeast Asia. There are a lot of other things you can do here. However, the abundant snow still lies in some places on the mountain throughout the year.

Is it snowing in Myanmar?

kyaweye lynnn, living in myanmar. Yeah, Upper Myanmar region like Chin State, Shan State. What is Myanmar like? Myanmar is known for what? Might as well snow in Taunggyi, Myanmar. What is it like to be in Myanmar? Yes, it snows in Myanmar, only in the far northern Himalayas, in winters.

Myanmar's north has snow-covered hills and small cities in the state of Kachin have snowfall. Hkakaborazi (5661m), the highest peak, is snow-covered all year round. Yes, up north. So what happens in Myanmar? Who is Myanmar? Is Myanmar going to be changed? Myanmar is a root-and-branch nation? What's Myanmar like?

What are Myanmar's confederates and foes? The Myanmar War? Who' s the president of Myanmar? Do Bangladesh like Myanmar? Banksy in Myanmar? In Myanmar, how many towns? Latest dispute in Myanmar? What is the training in Myanmar like? Who' s known in Myanmar? Will Myanmar become a Asian Tigers?

Are you looking for snow in Southeast Asia? Northbound to Putao, Myanmar

The first things that come to mind when you think of Southeast Asia are: the beach, jungle, hot climate, rainforests, you know, general tropicalism. A lot of people wouldn't even think about snow. Is there really snow in Southeast Asia? Burma is an interesting place. They serve as a link between South Asia, East Asia and Southeast Asia.

Burma is also home to the lower Himalayas. When you drive to Putao in the north of Myanmar, you will come across Putao, which is located in Kachin State. The Hkakabo Razi and other snow-capped hills are seen from the north city. Putao is also home to numerous mountain peoples such as Kachin, Lisu, Bamar and Shan, to name but a few.

There is snow in Southeast Asia. Getting to know and interaction with the colourful and certainly cheerful mountain tribes is one such action. A putao is also an outdoorer's one. For more information about Putao and the different kinds of events you can participate in, visit our Putao Escape page.

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