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Letpadan, Bago, Burma. D.O.A. in Myanmar.

Articles about D O A in Myanmar. Burma Agriculture Service (currently DOA).

Enhancing the value of vegetables and farmers' understanding of Myanmar

Approximately 1,000 Myanmar peasants as well as merchants, gatherers and retailer participated in the meeting. Yezin University and State Agriculture Institute were also present. Of the new strains shown in the fields, the following were the bittersweet in India style, a new loofah strain with viral tolerance, a new shallow round squash, a new eastern gherkin and a heart-shaped sourdough.

In addition, technology for finishing seeds, such as foil coatings, was presented.

Ministry of Agriculture opens call center

Myanmar's Ministry of Agriculture is planning to open a call center to quickly answer farming concerns from growers across Myanmar. Whilst the Ministry of Agriculture's primary role is to assist growers in their training, issues arise when individuals are sent to carry out farm visits on properties up to 1,000 acre in size.

In an ideal case, the call center operators of the call center and local workers will work together to respond to farmers' issues and worries, said U Ye Tint Tun, General Manager of the Ministry of Agriculture. "We' re trying to open the call center by mid-February or early March," he said last night.

The call center staff have already received extensive instruction from the heads of the subdivisions of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation. Its 50 staff are skilled in responding to every challenge, from responding to top fertilizer issues to what to do when plants are attacked by them. In the course of the course, staff gained a wealth of skills and practical experiences, which included fieldwork and education planning with growers, said U Ye Tint Tun.

Many of our coworkers have at least a bachelor's degree in agricultural sciences, many have a master's degree and a doctorate. Should the members of the helpdesk not be able to respond immediately to a query, they were instructed to consult the responsible manager for further information. According to a grower, U Myint Thein, who works in the Lewe community outside Nay Pyi Taw, one of the greatest questions currently being asked by growers following the extinction of beans and the infestation of cereals with worm and mould.

In the future, education personnel will be travelling to every area and country, conducting country tours and communicating with them.

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