Do you need a Visa for Burma

Need a visa for Burma?

Will I need a visa to travel to Burma? Myanmar tourist visa and all types of eVisa cannot be renewed. You can download the visa application form from the Embassy of Myanmar website. NOTE: If you do not bring these things with you to get your Thai visa in Yangon, you will be refused and must return (probably the next day). Will I need a visa for Burma?

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I' m having trouble figuring out how to get a Burmese visa on-line. I' ve tried calling Myanmar's embassy, but no one's answering. The new website ( will allow visitors to request an e-visa from 1 September 2014. Currently a BETA-release of the site is being reviewed, which can be used for a small number of different purposes.

Entry should take one and a half weeks, is 28-day and must take place within three month of filing the request. As an alternative, Myanmar's embassy is located in Mayfair, 19a Charles Street, London W1J 05DX. She will accept visa requests by mail and in private (10.00 am). The processing period is relatively short - about a whole month - although there are peaks.

Please be aware that the visa is only effective three month from the date of issuance - not from the date of your arrival in Burma. He is the writer of our Beginner's Guide for India and Burma.

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Embarrassed about how to get a Myanmar visa? It' actually amazingly easy - just following the easy procedure below to find out what kind of visa is important to you and how you can get it. Will I need a visa to go to Burma? Only six states do not require a visa to visit Burma:

Citizens of these states are exempt from visa requirements for 14 consecutive working day. Myanmar plans to expand the eVisa services to other nations and access points in the near term as the visa application procedure is improving - and has already extended the visa application lists twice, in October 2014 and January 2015. As one applies:

Complete your request on-line at You need at least six month on your visa from the date of your arrival in Burma, and you must submit a color photograph (4.8 x 3.8 cm) taken within the last three month. Payment of the visa charge of $50 (about 32) on-line.

Acceptable Visa, Mastercard, American Express or JCB card. N.B. The Ministry of Immigration and Population of Myanmar recently stated that as of July 1, 2015, people will have the opportunity to enroll in eVisaBiz. eVisas are available for up to 70 nights in Burma for a fee of $70 (about 45), compared to 28 nights for a standard visa.

In order to obtain a eVisa, please complete the above procedure for the eVisa. As well as the above mentioned prerequisites, you must submit an invoice and your Certificate of Incorporation. Please consult the Ministry's website or consult the local diplomatic mission or the local diplomatic mission in your home state.

Inhabitants of some African, Central American or Middle Eastern states may be required to obtain a full visa. When you plan to travel to Burma from a neighboring state or through a port, you must also obtain a full visa. As one applies: United Kingdom nationals can request a full Myanmar visa by mail or in their own personal office at the Embassy of Myanmar in London.

The visa is good for a one-time stay of up to 30 nights and should not take longer than five nights (postal order may take longer). Hand in your application and the visa fees. You' ll get a voucher stating when your visa is available for pickup.

Pick up your visa. Anything you need to bring: Anything you need to bring: Visas on arrivals MAY be available to nationals of certain jurisdictions, but various resources have indicated that this procedure is either no longer available or not trustworthy. This is not the way we advise anyone to depend on this to obtain their Burma visa.

Should you be uncertain which visa to apply for, please contact your home visa inspector.

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