Do I need a Visa to Visit Myanmar

Will I need a visa to visit Myanmar?

Need a visa? Most travellers choose to buy a local SIM card on arrival and top up their credit if necessary. The majority of helmets purchased locally do not meet Australian safety standards. For most travellers, a visa is required to visit Myanmar. Which type of visa do I need?

US Citizen Visa Requirement - Myanmar Forum

We leave for Myanmar in less than a months time and a mate just said that we need a visa before we land in Yangoon. I' m told to send my passport to the Myanmarassy. Candidate NOW at your local Bangkok Consulate or drive through Bangkok where you can collect one in one working days.

Might take a months to get that visa. In September, our visa only lasted about a whole weeks from the embassy in Washington. ALL UP TO DATE - YOU CAN GET YOUR MYANMAR TOURISM VISA ONLINE!

Myanmar Visa for Irish Citizens - Myanmar Forum

Is there anyone who can guess how to get a visa for Myanmar as an Irishman resident in Ireland? Hi, you could have a look at this new task on TT: Your next message is in London. I don't know what the other forums were about! They seem to be using the London message - see the last long threads on the topic.

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Tourist-visa for the visit in Myanmar

It' important that you discuss the visa regulations with the closest Swiss foreign mission before you leave. Also, please make sure that your card is in force for at least 6 month from the date of your scheduled date of Myanmar return. Once you have booked your vacation, please let us know your pass data as soon as possible so that we can reserve airline seats for you if they are part of your vacation.

The majority of travelers, among them Australian, New Zealand, US, UK and Canada pass holder, need a visa to visit Myanmar. For all other nationality please contact the closest embassy or consulate of Myanmar (Burma) or the project visa. The e-visa is issued for 28 consecutive nights and allows a one-time-entrance.

Visas expire 90 day after they are issued, so make sure you do not request your visa too long in advance. No. The visa will expire 90 day after it is issued.

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