Direct Flight Bagan to Heho

Bagan direct flight to Heho

We plan to go to Myanmar in February. Cheapest Air Bagan flights from Nyaung u to Heho and book your ticket at the best price! Air ticket? There are definitely flights from Heho to Bagan. Cheap flights to Inle Lake Myanmar.

An overview of flights from Bagan to Heho and their fares in the coming months.

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Anybody know if there are any direct Bagan-Heho services? That way you would only have a brief stop in Mandalay before arriving in Heho. This flight was made two week ago and we paused in Mandalay for about 15 mins! The Myanmar airline companies are all flying as mentioned above (Yangon-> Nyaung U-> Mandalay-> Heho-> Yangon).

There are direct connections only from Yangon like Yangon-> Nyaung U (Bagan) or Yangon-> Mandalay or Yangon-> Heho, but if you return from Bagan to Yangon, it would be Nyaung U-> Mandalay-> Heho-> Yangon. There' s no direct flight from Bagan to Heho. Just the Yangon-Bagan-Mandalay-Heho-Yangon overflight. So, you need to be in Mandalay for a while.

I' m having a dilemma with any agent answering e-mails about the Bagan - Heho direct flight - or other parts of my route that involve airplanes to Thandwe and back to Yangon and Yangon to Mandalay train. In fact, I notice that Air Mandalay has a website where you can directly make bookings, although I don't know if anyone has succeeded.

Flights from Inle (Heho) to Bagan (Nyaung-U) - Bagan Forum

Most of the airline companies operate their own flight schedule during the tourist seasons - see the top questions in the Myanmar bulletin board for web sites and flight itineraries. Most of the trips are like a bus/train ride with boarding and alighting, e.g. Nyaung U/Heho/Thandwe/Yangon. I' ll be flying Yangon/Sittwe/Thandwe at the end of this monte!

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Thandwe Heho flights

Whether it' s a matter of making a reservation or providing information, it is child's play! Air Bagan Heho Thandwe Flight, look for low-cost airfares and book in no time! There are 2 Air Bagan Airline 7 departures per week between Heho and Thandwe. Sign up for some great bargains, specials and low fares on Air Bagan from HEH to SNW.

Find a fast summary of the flight to and from the desired locations with the flight plan of Air Bagan Airlines for Heho Thailand Airlines. Air Bagan Airlines' first flight from Heho to Antwerp starts at 8:50 a.m., the last flight at . Simply choose your final destination and you will receive the latest flight plans and information in no time at all!

Departures (Heho)Arrivals (Thandwe)AirlinesDaysFlight No. What is the number of Heho-Thanwe weeklies? We have 0 flight per week from Heho to Thandwe. The following carriers and corresponding monthly flight - Air Bagan has 0, When does the first flight depart from Heho? First flight from Heho to Thandwe is at 8:50 am, that is Air Bagan Flight 141.

Where is Heho and Thandwe International Airports? Heho Airportcode is HEH and Thandwe is SNW. Which is the name of the Heho International Airfield? Heho is the name of the main Heho International Airports. Which is Thandwe International Airports? Thailand's main international aerodrome is Thandwe International Airports.

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