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Tamil daily newspaper printed in Chennai & Coimbatore, India. The Dinakaran Indian newspaper of the Tamil language from Chennai, Madurai, Coimbatore, Trichy, Salem, Vellore and Tirunelveli in Tamil Nadu. Current ttv dinakaran news, photos, blog posts, videos and wallpapers. Discover ttv dinakaran profile at Times of India. The Dinakaran is the Tamil daily newspaper in India.

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This is one of the best-selling Tamil-language papers. A popular Tamil-language paper located in Chennai. Tamil leader from Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai, Puducherry, Trichy, Tirunelveli and Salem. Tamil newpaper, reprinted in Chennai & Coimbatore, India. Tamil paper from Chennai & Coimbatore. A Tamil paper located in Madurai, Tamil Nadu.

Tamil evening paper appearing every day in Chennai, Coimbatore, Salem, Erode, Pondicherry, Madurai, Trichy and Nagercoil. Tamil-speaking paper edited by the Communist Party of India. Tamil news, gathered from various Google resources. The Tamil issue of the news site. News-page with its headquarters in France. Tamil-speaking paper with headquarters in Singapore. It is one of the oldest and biggest Tamil papers in Sri Lanka.

Bengaluru, Karnataka and Krishnagiri print. Economic news in Tamil. Latest news, top news from Tamil Nadu. Pondicherry, a local paper. Get the latest Tamil news from the following news sites: You are welcome to browse Tamil journals.

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Dinakaran was appointed by AIADMK in March 2017 as a nominee for the by-election of RK Nagar. By-elections were justified by the deaths of former Prime Minster Jayalalalithaa, who was chosen by RK Nagar. The RK Nagar was long since empty after the passing of Jayalalithaa.

After the December 2017 polls, Sasikala's closest colleague Dinakaran won the electoral district run. With a lead of almost 40,000 voices, he beat his next rivals, E. Madhusudhanan of the AIADMK.

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