Different Cat Breeds

Various cat breeds

Contains personality, history, cat pictures, cat health information and more. Finding the cat breed that suits you. Please inform yourself about the many breeds to choose from before adopting a cat! Are you trying to decide which cat type is right for you and your family? Have a look at our list of the most popular cat breeds and find the best breed for your lifestyle.

Various cat breeds | Cat species

It is a cat race that loves to be noticed! Vowels (but not as noisy as the Siamese), Burmese are often called'dog cats' because of their perseverance, their dog-like allegiance to their proprietors and their readiness to retrieve! It' a kind of cat sitting on the paper when your landlord tries to do it!

This is a very varied group of cat species, from the uncommon and savage looking Bengal, which was formed by raising a house cat with an Asian leopard cat, to the impious Devon Rex. There are even perceptible variations in sizes - from large Bengal to small Singapore. As a rule, cat breeds from abroad are "human" males.

They are the cats you will tear to pieces while eating, playing or cuddling - and they are refusing to be ignored! Persian is the true glamor pussy of the cat-family. They have a brush-like tale that is gorgeously thick, and they even have a strand of mahne.

It has a typical relaxed and quiet Farsi-style. You make great housecats and enjoy snowing, which is perfect if you work all day. Burmese with a long but robust corpse are not as stout as Persians and some say they have Siamese in the group. They are very affectionate and often require attentiveness if they want to make a poo!

You have a frill around your throat and integrated ear guards - furry eyes - to keep them safe. Stylish, well balanced, sporty and strong, this cat race needs a lot of inspiration and its main passion is the great wild. It is a special race designed for rock climbers and, as the name implies, they like to climb very high!

The Ragdoll was born from the cross between a woman's Persian and a Burmese man. The breathtaking Ragdoll is a soft and big gigantic, hard but very calm. You have full cheekbones, big, ovate toes and a small throat. Calm and very loving, the Ragdoll cat can be a very good domestic cat, often less interested in the hunt than some of the more sturdy breeds outdoors.

They also have relatively large eyes - a characteristic often found in a cat that comes from a warm environment, as it can help them loose warmth. Turkish Van is another large cat race, both long and muscly. Her great demand for glory is the passion for swim!

From the Lake Van area in Turkey, this cat race still has a great fondness for the sea and is looking for swimming pools and pools. Turks like playing with a faucet on, even more than most of the other mice. The Siamese are one of the most graceful of all.

Just like the Persians, the Thai cat race has undergone major changes over the years. He has a triangle -shaped and sloping heads, bigger and smaller bodies and more athletes. Though they need little care, Siameses are really full-time females, who usually like humans and need a lot of caution.

Determined and clever Siameses know how to take their sweethearts! One of the Thai group is the breed from Bali. Prepared for a cat, but not sure what is the right race for you and your ancestors?

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