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"He not only understood the question, he could also answer it correctly! Where did the Thais get into the cave? That day, Thailand, a Japanese puppet state, declares war on the Allies. It is hilarious for me to confuse "some" historical information about when and if Thailand was colonized or not, so I will try to explain this in great detail. There was not enough on the way back," said a local governor.

How did the guys get out of Thailand Caving? global news headlines

Moo Pa (Wild Boar) Académie's 11-16 year old squad was captured in Tham Luang in the Doi Nang Non mountains on 23 June with their 25-year-old trainer Ekaphol Chantawong. It was nine acres later that rescuers found the crew on a rocky outcrop encircled by inundation.

The effort to drain off rain began immediately when the government tried to take a rest during rainy monsoons. So how did the ambulance work? Cyclical pumps payed off with terms that are said to be accessible in some parts of the cavern. However, the rescues still hung on the youngsters who used the dive gear, although they still had no dive experiences.

Every youngster should be escorted by two scuba diver and the rescuer had an 11-hour roundabout. The last four young men and their trainer were saved from the caves after 18 long nights to conclude the three-day bailout. It seems that the last part of this exceptional journey has been carried out in the same way as in the past few weeks, but the weather was not affected by the night.

Four other members of the wild boar were saved when the operation was successfully re-started. An extended crew of scuba diver and emergency services were able to get the guys out in a quicker timeframe than the last one. Circumstances were still good for the continuation of the recovery as the four youngsters who remained and their trainer celebrated their centennial.

When they started the bailout, four young men were found. The first two appeared from the cavern at intervals of about 10 min underwater. Officials refused to name which young were saved. It was decided to start the emergency response because the waters in the cavern flowed off under optimal circumstances.

In the past, a physician with cavern dive expertise went into the room and authorised the young for surgery. The pump had significantly lowered the level of their waters, but another flood threatened to leave the group stranded for month. Concern about the indoor climate in the cavern continued to grow after the accident.

He is probably exhausted from his own air, which shows how hazardous any ambulance with scuba equipment can be. Officials announce that they have lowered the level in the first part of the cavern by 40%. Now the guys have film covers, meals, lights and seven scuba dives - doctors included - to keep them in.

According to a group of doctors, the youngsters and the trainer are in good physical condition or have only "minor" wounds. Twelve young and their trainer are found lively and safely about 400 meters away from the raised area known as Pattaya Beach, on a rocky promontory encircled by waters, more than a mile from the muzzle.

In a room about 700 meters into the cavern compound, the rescue team built a surgical center. Rescue teams are doing exercise exercises to ensure the evacuation of the young when they are found. It is used to discharge the ascending tide that is so cloudy that it is compared to floating through the cafe.

UK scuba diver and others are combing the hill for alternate entry. UAVs are sent to find new smokestacks that go into the caves. The dewatering of the cavern offers the diver a respite between sea and canopy. Scuba diver reaches a T-junction far inside, but are pushed back by roaring tide that blocks a small gap near an increased bubble bag called Pattaya Beach.

Thailand's premier, Prayuth Chan-ocha, urges the country to help the bailout. Thais entering the cavern in quest of the young, with bottles of air and aliment. It is said that the young have continued their retreat into the caves. The park rangers and cops start a big sweep in the case of strong rains.

Imprints and footsteps are found and they believe that the young withdrew into the tunnel when they were constricted by ascending water. After the soccer training twelve youngsters and their trainer go to the Tham Luang Nang Non caving net in the Doi Nang Non mountains in the north of Thailand. There is a posse of bikes on a railing and the boys' footwear and soccer gloves near the doors.

An outside warning board alerts you not to enter the caves during the wet seasons.

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