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A comprehensive English Khmer dictionary that gives a clear definition to those who learn English. You can read reviews, compare customer reviews, view screenshots and learn more about the best English Khmer dictionary. Tuttle Practical Cambodian Dictionary: The meaning of "Cambodian" in the English dictionary. Khmer English dictionary and Khmer English dictionary.

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This is the English Khmer dictionary. Enter the words or phrases you wish to tick in the text field on the right. Not only do we offer English Khmer and Khmer language books, but also free on-line language books for all available language combinations. It is known as a translator's TM and is very useful for the translator.

You can see not only the meaning of the words, but also how they are phrased. Most of our memory comes from human-made bodies in tandem. This kind of translations are a very useful supplement to a dictionary. Please help us create the biggest English Khmer dictionary available on line. Just login and enter a new text.

This makes our English Khmer dictionary a reality, as it is written by mother-tongue translators who use English for everyday use. And you can be sure that any errors in the dictionary will be quickly corrected so that you can count on our work. There will be tens of millions of people who will be thankful.

The addition of a new transmission creates a dozen new transmissions!

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Users will be happy with this Khmer - English dictionary because: Full English and Khmer diction will help you learn these as well. Very recommendable for everyone who wants a simple dictionary. If you look up a term in either of the two tongues, I want to know how to say it in the other one.

There is no real way to spell a phrase with an ABC. In Khmer, it is much more hard to learn to learn to tell and tell than to do so. I want to look up "run" and have a loudspeaker knob that says "run" on it, but in Khmer. I' m living in Cambodia, and if the employees don't know a single thing, I look it up in English, and then they have to tell me the translations.

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