Diamond Chaung Thar Hotel

The Diamond Chaung Thar Hotel

We are looking forward to your visit! The Diamond Hotel is located in Chaung Thar Beach, Myanmar, an attractive wide beach with coconut palms and casuarina trees at the back of the beach. Hotel Chaung Tha Oo ( : Chaung Tha Beach Address ,Ayeyarwady Division ,Myanmar. Situated in the beautiful area of Ngapali Beach, Diamond Hotel enjoys a dominant position in the restaurants, beaches and romantic centre of Ngapali.


Alaska Chaung Tha Resort offers ageless refinement and culinary delights with beautiful mansions and a picturesque gardens located on the quiet part of Chaung Tha Strand. Leave the bustling city and experience paradise in the hotel, where the best service and amenities await you.

The AMBO Resort Hotel in ChaungTha, a town in the township of Pathein, is located on the wonderful, unspoilt beaches, only 30 kilometres from Pathein. From Yangon to ChaungTha it is only a 5 hour drive. The AMBO Resort Hotel can be reached as soon as you step into ChaungTha Villa, which is situated in the shade of a flat country with palm trees.

Besides the mudless, clay-free sand beaches, the clear and clear waters, it is an irresistable tourist and visitor magnet, where you can go for a walk or a swimming on the sands. In the ocean breezes you can also taste a soft drinks with fresh juices of fresh coconuts.... Besides enjoying the natural beauties, the hotel offers its guests the possibility to order and savour cooked and seasoned dishes and shellfish while they relax on the sun.

At the AMBO Hotel we have 53 bungalows, all with bathroom and toilet, all overlooking the sea. There is a large dinning room, a washing machine and an outstanding level of customer care at affordable prices. There is also a two-storey house with 28 rooms for 4 people next to the sea.

The BELLE HOTEL is situated on the western coast of Myanmar, near the municipality of Pathein, opposite the Bay of Bengal. It' the closest to Yangon beaches. The Chaung Tha beaches, a captivating ambience and flat year round flat seas, clean sand without oily lightning, clear seas, good lodging, crisp and cheap shellfish and a western seafront to watch the beautiful sundowns.

Welcome to the charming village of Chaung Tha Beach for your relaxation and tranquility. Old name Ayeyar Oo Hotel. The Belle Resort was founded in 2005, opened in 2006 and opened in January 2008. Included : Included : 2 Belle Family, 12 Beauty Included : Included : 2 Belle Family, 12 Beauty Deluxe, 12 Elegance Superior, 8 Triple Superior, 4 Quad Superior et 22 Charming Incl.

Situated in Chaung Tha Beaches, Diamond Hotel offers you the opportunity to relax in a tranquil setting in one of the most tranquil paradises far away from home. The Diamond Hotel, an idyllic seaside spa, has long been an exceptional place for local and international people.

Constructed as a seaside resortstil on 2 hectares of property and very suited to admire the waters and the wavyformations. The Chaung Tha Beach is situated on the west shore of the state of Rakhine near Pathein, where the Bengal Gulf and India Overseas.

Chaung Tha Beach is the closest beach to Yangon (only four hour drives away) and can be accessed at any time of year. When you are looking for a bit of heaven for your holiday, the Golden Beach Resort Hotel in Chaung Tha is the ideal place. Welcome to the Golden Beach Resort Hotel.

Situated on Chaung Tha on Myanmar's western seaboard overlooking the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean. It' a four to five hour car ride from Yangon, Myanmar's commercial town. Since 1999 the hotel is located as First-class Hotel in Chaung Tha Beaches. The situation, the accommodation, the services & the equipment and the personnel represent the highest quality among the guest of the Strandhotels.

The ACE Hotel in Myanmar offers guests our choice of top quality accommodation in Myanmar's major destinations Yangon, Innlay, Bagan, Ngwe Soung, Chaung Tha. The existence of internationally renowned hotel establishments is the most important point for Myanmar's tourists with a promising 2010. The ACE Group has carried out the construction with 100% warranty for the internationally renowned hotel standards.

We' re in the process of preparing for the glittering tourist industries at a pace along with the multinational hotel chains in Yangon, Inn Lay, Bagan, Ngwe Saung, Chaung Tha. Since the joy of the guests is the keys to the hotel group's succes, the Hotel ACE opens the doors. The hotel has 17 superb rooms and 16 regular rooms.

Facilities for en-suite bathrooms with showers, fridge and minibar, TV-sat, intercom, cafe, breakfast, 24h, room maintenance, free WiFi Wi-Fi access. We provided en-suite facilities with showers, fridge, minibar, sat-TV, intercom, cybercafé, 24-hour room maintenance, caraoke and speedboat. The Khine Chaungtha Hotel offers 24 h warm and cool waters, laundry facilities, sat. TV.

Deluxe hotel with sea views - 6 rooms, sea views 1 room suites, second views (superior)- 2 rooms, second views (standard)- 14 rooms, economy - 10 rooms. We provided 24 hours of warm and cool running waters, washing facilities, ensuite bathrooms with showers, satelite TV, minibar, air conditioning, leafy teas and coffees.

The Shwe Hintha Hotel has a maximum of 48 rooms. The hotel has a renowned sun deck where you can enjoy Myanmar's most spectacular sundown. Thiri Hotel has all the comforts you could wish for: mini bar, bathroom, TV, A/C, warm running cold and WiFi and a fantastic look. It felt deserted, which made perfect business after hearing about the high room prices, which are a perfect example for locals who want to make a fast return through astronomical price increases for overseas guests.

Situated next to the hotel, the Golden Beach Hotel is a much better choice, with the same views but much clearer rooms and a private beach front private bath.

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