Devon Rex Regina

The Devon Rex Regina

I' m selling my Sphynx/Devon rex cat Wilbur because of my son's allergies. DRBC strives to be a constant asset to the Devon community and the CFA: Female/Dog Regina in Cattery IT* Ombra del Nord. Devon Rex cats are not shed, which makes them a good choice for people who have allergies. If you can save a life, why buy a Devon Rex kitten?

Mostly we had a dog, but also a cat, a turtle or a hamster.

Mostly we had a dog, but also our kittens, tortoises or hamster. until we met the Devon Rex kittens. The first Devon Rex female, a blackened Alaya, came from Poland in October 2008. The DRX is such a pleasure to own.

Later, we thought about playing with a boyfriend for Alaya when we were both working. At first Alaya was angry to divide our firm with the little space traveler, but they soon became the best mates. Then, we thought about getting little cats from our little ones and we chose to look for our own breeding male, so that the last member of our whole household â?" a red-silver baby from June 2009, Passionario, came from Lithuania.

â??18?? was at the top of our kitten' home from the very first minute and our two women soon fell in love with him. It-2010 is not a breeding as such, especially because all our kitten are bred and raised in the home with humans and females. They are a big part of our kitten families and everyone has a big role in their evolution.

To keep our Devon Rex pedigree as big as it is now, and we want to help raise this great kitten race sometime. After 13 wards our kitties go to a new home. We have dewormed, microchiped, litter-educated, kind, cheerful and well-humanized.

You are leaving us with a sales agreement, with a full 4 generations pedigree, FIFE registration and a kittenâ??s Starterpack â?" model of your most favorite grooming information, CD with some images, toys and toddlers. They are an important part of our lives and our lives revolve around them. We' re looking for a 5* permanent home for our kittens, so we are focusing on those who recognize that our kitty will be their roommate and companion for the next 10-15 years.

First and foremost, we favour the persons affected in a domestic animal and member of the household. It is one of our terms of sales for new owners to always be in contact with our kennel. We will keep all our cats in our kennel for ever, even if they will be in new houses.

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