Devon Rex Kittens

Revon Rex kitten

We' re hobby breeders of the beautiful Devon Rex. At the moment we have three pretty girls and super boy kittens. We are a small home breed of very unique and intelligent cats. CATS CURRENTLY AVAILABLE FOR VIEWING, SEE KITTEN PAGE. I' m Sandie, welcome to the world of Devon Rex.

Race profile: That Devon Rex

Devon Rex, the Pixie of the Cat Fancy, wears extra-large elf-faced big-eyed elf-head. Wonderfully ridiculous in looks and pranks, Devonians are interested in everything and everyone around them. Her playing style means Devonian is easy to teach and always ready to play with, mark or get.

There must be a willing individual willing to belong to a Devonian. Devon will dine with you, make love to you and comfortably seat on your shoulders while you are sitting or sitting at the computer. They' ll be following you around the building, sitting at your foot or jumping on your knee as soon as you do.

Devon will guide you in your homework, happy to trill, coo and chirp as they search for ways to help. Kids and the Devonians are natural talents as best friend and untiring playfellows. Members of the Devonians often find a Devon placed in their lap or held in their arm. Do not be amazed if a Devon is in your or another member of your family's bedroom, lying under a blanket or sitting tightly on a cushion.

Devonian kittens will always be in your hearts, and their affectionate natures connect them deep with every member of your household. Devon's interpersonal character makes them unfit to spend long times without companions. There is no discrimination against Devonian in relation to the business they run. You are very good with humans, other Devonians (who often form a "Devon stack"), as well as kittens, felines, dogs and even birds, ferrets or rabbits from occasion.

Devonians are feeding dogs. Be it a burgers and french fry or exceptional spears of freshly baked white and white potatoes, grape or olive, be ready to protect your dish from the quick and refined Devon in the cuisine. Devon Rex look anything but normal, with long, thin throats, strangely formed head, laughably large eyes and fur that can vary from suede-like, suede-like down.

Adults are medium-sized dwarf monkeys weighing an average of six to nine lbs, the male being weightier than the female. Fur can change throughout the cat's lifetime, with some kittens losing much of their fur during their growth (moulting), and some mature kittens change over time. Devonian are easy-care, easy-care pets. In spite of the famous legend, Devon's are not hypo-allergenic.

Whilst some humans with Devon's pet sensitivities are very well tolerated, anyone with Devon's allergic problems should treat a Devon before considering purchasing one. Born in Devonshire, England, in the 1950' s, when a Miss Cox found out that a lost kitty in her custody had given mother a rather strange-looking curled kin.

Enthusiastic about the elven processions and the curly hair, she called him Kirlee - the founder sire of this singular race. The pussycat-like peculiarity of Mother Earth was this supple and pleasing elf cats. Human had no hands in the mantle, but man entered and enabled the mantle to thrive and thrive by giving cats enthusiasts around the world the chance to get together, to make friends and to be beloved by one of nature's real wonders - the Devon Rex cats.

It is important when choosing your Devon Rex kitty or your kitty that you take the opportunity to have a real live chat and meet a grower, as this is to your benefit when you are looking for a Devon Rex for your ancestors. Farmers usually provide kittens aged 14-16 week if they have had enough free litter with their mothers and siblings to be well socialised and old enough to be fully inoculated.

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