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The Devon Rex Breeder

We are small hobby breeders of Devon Rex cats, based in Inverness in the Highlands of Scotland. You were enchanted by the wonderful Devon Rex cat with her elfish or alien look? Cat kitten Devon rex not shedding little outstanding personalities. We' re a small in-home cattery in the north of NJ, USA, raising and showing TICA and CFA registered Devon Rex. Be careful with all breeders who require an advance payment.

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Here is a listing of available breeders of Rex-Cat, including e-mail address, website and telephone contact (where applicable). Full-paying members are welcome to join the register and every year in January when submarines are due. It is updated every year in January and new breeders are added / deleted.

Hometown of Whimzeerex

I' ve 27 years of Devon Rex riding and have bred Devon Rex since 2005. The name Devon Rex was described as a hybrid between a primate, a kitty and a hound, and even a hyper-active kid. When you are considering having a Devon Rex kitty or raising an adulthood, make sure you are exploring the race.

They like to get up, some are sitting on your shoulder, some are playing fench, others just like swinging from drapes, then when they are all exhausted, they drop into your arms and let you know that your whole existence was so empty without them.

The Devon Rex Cat Breed Profil

Devon Rex is one of the more uncommon feline races and has been described as Pixie-like both in appearance and vivacious. Sexy little cats, very loved for their fun and instant aggravation! Like the name says, Devon Rex comes from Devon, England.

All Devon Rex can traced their lineage back to him. The Devon Rex are a medium-sized race with a medium-sized limb and a long cock. The Devon Rex should have the big, distinctive elliptical eye that gives them their pixel look.

Devon Rex, like many other races, is known for developing hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), a type of cardiac sickness. It also has issues with patella luxation, a congenital patella condition that upsets the cat's patella, and congenital fibrosis, a condition of the cat's musculature.

It is very important, as with any purebred cattery, that you only take over one kitty from a reputable kennel owner. They are sociable, hands-on and always have something to do. Do not make very good individual animals and like to be together with other animals. I think Devon Rex should be busy while you're on the road.

After all, a Devon Rex hardly loses anything. It' very important to get your Devon Rex used to being bathing like a cat so that he accepts it when he gets older. As with all kittens, periodic tooth inspections and hoof trimming are indispensable.

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