Devon Rex

Rex Devon

The Devon Rex is often described as the gremlins from the Star Wars movies and is a small to medium sized cat with a pixie-like appearance. All you need to know about the Devon Rex, including care, health problems, history, adoption, finding a good breeder and much more. Newest tweets on #devonrex. Devon Rex is a breed of unique appearance, with large mischievous eyes, short muzzle, prominent cheekbones and large, low set ears. So, you want to own a Devon Rex, you think it could be fun.

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Devon Rex is a race of smart, short-haired cats that originated in England in the 1950'. These cats are able to learn hard moves, but can be hard to get motivated. Devon Rex is a cattery with a frizzy, very smooth, long fur, similar to the Cornish Rex.

You are often associated with being one of the most hypo-allergenic kittens available because of their skin types. Curls in Devon Rex hair are due to a different genetic makeup and a different genetic makeup than in Cornish Rex and German Rex, and raising a Devon with one of these females leads to a cat without a curly hair.

Devonian mid-size cat are often referred to as "Pixie Cats" or "Alien Cats" because of their singularity. In contrast to most females, their Whiskers are very brief and often so curly that it looks as if they have no whiskers. Her physique is extremely light.

Devon is energetic, impish, playful and very human-centered. Devonians like to be in high places and will try hard to reach the highest place in a room. They also have a key figure to whom they dedicate their loves and on whom they most often lay and rub.

A" nebulous smoke" Devon Rex shows her extraordinarily large eyes. There is a frisky Devon Rex in a food sack. The Devon Rex dyed with siames are known as Si Rex. The Female Devon Rex called Merle' Female Devon Rex called Abby is next to the Heater. Search for devon rex in Wiktionary, the free online search engine.

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