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Myanmar is slowly developing into a tourist destination in a region popular with travellers worldwide. That certainly happened in Burma. Please find our list of articles with the keyword "Burma. Temples of Myanmar (Burma).

Burma's Missing Timber Millions: China Travel Destination

More than 1 million m³ of wood, about 95% of Burma's entire wood export to China, was illegal in 2004 from the north of Burma to Yunnan province. These trades, which cost the Myanmar population $250 million a year, are taking place in full awareness of the Myanmar government, the Beijing administration and the world.

China's businesses, China's indigenous government, Tatmadaw region and cease-fire groups are directly concerned. "In Burma, on averages, a lumber transporter of about 15 tons of wood that has been cut in Burma cross an illegal border crossing an illegal China control point every seven or 24 hrs a year, 365 Days a year, yet they do nothing.

The Chinese authorities undertook in September 2001 to step up the fight against infringements of forestry laws and criminality, trafficking and the illicit harvesting of wood. Since then, the number of illicit wood imported across the Burmese-Chinese frontier has even risen by 60%.

"Certain Yunnan Provincial governments supported China's business people are totally eroding the China government's efforts to fight IDPs. These lumberjacks' actions not only threaten the prospects for sustained growth in North Burma, they are also violating China's laws. The EU Member States invited the European Commission in September 2004 to "come forward with concrete suggestions to tackle the problem of illegal timber harvesting in Burma...".

Later in October, the European Council gave its backing to the creation of programs to tackle the unsustainable, disproportionate harvesting that has led to deforestation there. "The EU, like China, has so far abandoned the Myanmari. Importation of wood across the Burmese-Chinese frontier must cease with immediate effect by the authorities and adequate security measures must be in place to ensure the lawfulness of the wood import.

It is also appropriate that the PRC should take steps against businesses and civil servants engaged in illicit trafficking. "It' s vital that all parties work together to stop the widespread devastation of Burma's forest and make sure that the necessary assistance and long-term investments are reaching this poor area. On October 18th at 7am Channel 4 will be broadcasting a brief film about the North Burma crisis.

Burma's army. Illicit character of the China-Burma lumber industry (Chinese law). 10 ] These include the State Peace and Development Council, cease-fire groups, UN organizations, the China administration and others. Burma's Nobel Peace Prize laureate and democratic leader Aung San Suu Kyi will be under detention for a period of ten years until 24 October 2005.

United States urges that Burma be put on the UN Security Council in October 2005.

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