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Asia Myanmar

Travel destination Asia Travel & Tours Ltd. Long term isolation has left a corner of Southeast Asia full of traditional culture, spirituality and ancient charm. Serving food and flowers to these saffron monks is a timeless tradition that continues throughout Southeast Asia. Asia destination Shwedagon Pagoda, Yangon. Since its inception, Phyu Su has been with Destination Asia and is an integral member of the Destination Asia Myanmar team.


No matter what your travelling needs may be, from events scheduling to tailor-made Burmese sight-seeing adventures, we can offer you the most advanced services to meet them. Yangon Colony with its extensive park, lake, a mixture of contemporary building and wood architectural tradition has been lovingly shaped: "The Garden City of the East". Yangon's temple, colorful farmhouses, pulsating streets and cheerful faces make it a very unique photo destination.

China State in western Burma offers an extraordinary environment for mountaineers and hikers through its tempting towns. It is an old town and a truly magic destination, conquering the heart of travellers with its spiritually rich architectural and natural scenery. It' also one of the wealthiest archeological places in Asia with 42 sq km of ruin from millennia.

There were an approximate 13,000 sanctuaries on the plain of central Burma. This is a captivating trip on horse back, taking you to some of the most famous sights in the region. The Kakku is situated in southern Shan State, about 40 kilometres southwards of Taunggyi. Encircled by a Pa-O town, the 2,478 Stupa's on the slope of Kakku are one of the most spectacular scenery in the whole wide open and yet one of the least frequented places in Shan State.

Situated in the most southerly part of Burma, the Mergui Island is one of the least frequented and includes over 800 wonderful Asian islets. South of the island, this is the home of radiant scuba dives, kayak, fishing and general explorations. It is a part of the earth where the marine life is still in balance with the ocean and where the night is serene.


Since Burma is still relatively unexplored, it would be hard not to experience an adventurous spirit during a sojourn. The Golden Land offers the possibility to withdraw in a land without westerly utensils, where only a few cash machines and cellones are new. There is still a lot to do on the facilities, but the possibilities for extraordinary adventures are still at an exiting phase of evolution before they can unfold their full potentials.

There are countless thrilling adventures in Burma: walking, rock-limbing, angling, equestrian and underwater. Burma's tourist industry has continued to grow since the opening of its border in 2011, and investor trust in the development of new and stimulating opportunities to explore this amazing nation is growing rapidly. Please click here to the Burma datasheet.

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