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City description

This town loves me in a way no man ever had. Let yourself be inspired for your own fictional city. Description of a city shower. Cautious observers can predict the hour. ("by sure predictions") when to fear a shower:

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Well, the city loved me in a way no man ever had. This city sees and listens and feels every single instant of my live. And the city gets that. The city was always on the move before the viral; automobiles, humans, buses, coaches. Of all the individuals who make up the city' s natural part, the part that has defined its nature and structure.

I sometimes still listen to the car in the darkness and picture a road that I have to make between them. But the city was calmer and calmer at nights, maybe that's another good thing why I choose the city. However, even then there were already lighting everywhere, from automobiles, diners, apartments and nightshops.

It has always been a city of possessors and have-nots. People in West Van with their luxurious lifestyle and luxurious vehicles and those in Hastings Street, addicted and mistreated. We were equals for a brief period after the viral. This city was spooky for those cold days, nobody was moving for afraid of getting infected with the bug.

This city was just as big as he had envisioned it - big structures in an accurate raster. Vehicles rested between flashing reds and flickered persistently in mist. I thought in winters that the cold of this city was going to be cold seasonally, that it would change with the heat of spring and I could be at home.

There' s no sound unless it's the metal foreplay to a policeman's notification, there are no hawkers, there are no street performers or shop windows with a bright roof. It' all monochromatic, from the shops to the automobiles to the clothes. There is a lot of people around a paper feeder, but I don't succeed and get smoothed against it for a few seconds, my smarter creme suits brush against the dirty roadblock.

When I get near enough, I buy a few; some for dinner, others to go. I can' t see the car, once again I drift into the body..... Every few and a half minute the city changes on the way home, the city centre between prosperity and impoverishment. Just a few more seconds and we are in the suburbs, ranks of unified buildings and cleanly laid lawn areas, each broad alley wrapped in the seasonsal shades of red and gold.

A city.... I was once unfamiliar with the scents of the city, and its messy scent got me excited. Vapours from burping cars underlined everything, but beating directly out of it would be the flavorful offers of road sellers becoming sharp like a cam zooming and then fading again; only to be then substituted by the next seller and the next one.

Deynne had never seen a clank town before. The city was divided into three parts by two small branches of the river, and a calm ocean extended to the southern part, filled with innumerable trading vessels under steamships and sails carrying a large number of different banners. It was densely packed, reddish on the planes, glistening in the clear skies with its shallow rooftops and cupolas and square spires, oddly nude in the clear, pure skies.

The noise of the city driving vanishes between the splash behind it and the squeaking in front of it, and that is why I am running here for dinner. statellite city: the city of the future, announced the billboards. It is a city that is fully steered by the Myishi 9 satellite, which hovers above us like a suspended warrior.

A whole city built for the third millenium. SAT city. You want to be lucky, keep out of the city of the distant will. It was a huge, complicated maze of loud roads and alleyways. Once everyone had arrived at their goal, the congestion clearly clearened up as if huge queues had fed themselves and retreated into their sinister and sinister sockets.

For him it was a clear indication that the city was gradually awakening. The city gleamed like a woman's soft garment that slid off the coat hangers and dropped into fantastical wrinkles that were stopped by nothing, a discreet shiller that floated flaccidly in the azure-blue autumn breeze. At the Capitol sparkles like a huge firefly area.

Undemanding inner-city suburbs, low terraces with anamorphic mix of run-down and recently refurbished retail outlets, reinforced skyscraper, grey paint on a cement mural, competition offices, take-aways, small caterer. Humans who seem to mill around aimlessly, women who push prams with a pallid resolve, endless flows of air and vapours, hooting horn, walkers who wait at the roads.

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