Department of Rural Development in Myanmar

Rural Development Department in Myanmar

The Village Development Planning Process, Myanmar. Training for the Rural Development Department In the last two heats of 2017, we have the honour of training 400 Rural Development (DRD) people. It is a programme to increase project timeliness and costefficiency to increase the quality of life and to develop renewable natural resource in rural areas. We began with the introduction of best practice for 400 district managers, which had been established by the Project Management Institute, in the Naypyidaw area.

Throughout the two-day Project Management Fundamentals programme, attendees have acquired the necessary leadership and project management abilities. They have clearly seen the efficiency of structures and design in the application of their recently acquired technologies to previous ventures in which they were involved. In the following grade we greeted our communities and INGO staff from Mandalay, Nay Pyi Taw, Kachin, Kayah and Shan State.

Though we like to go, it always felt good to be at home with our whole group.

The aim is to develop rural development

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"The recruiters are not for a particular scheme, but for the periodic rural development schemes carried out by our department," said U Thin Oo, Assistant Manager of the Rural Development Department, which reports to the Ministry of Livestock, Fisheries and Rural Development. Rural infrastructural development schemes are built on community schemes drawn up by the General Government in collaboration with community civil society supporting comittees.

RGs supervise the calls for proposals for the implementation of each project. It is also repairing infrastructures that have been affected by a disaster. Rural Development Department was founded in 2012 and extended to 284 of Myanmar's 330 cities in 2013. This department is not yet opened in some small cities and sub-townships, said U Thin Oo.

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