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Myanmar / Archive for the struggle for democracy in myanmar wikipedia. Leadhamilton will spend the next two weeks praying that Mercedes will find a way to save his season. Writer of five books, including Burma: Wikipedia article Democratic Voice of Burma (contributors) licensed under CC-BY-SA. Learn more about Myanmar Union Day.

glossary of terms

ALP: Arakan Liberation Military, the ALP's armoured arm. ALP: Arakan Liberation Party, pro-democracy Arakanistance Group. CIDCP: Committee for Internally Displaced Karen People; Karen Group in support of internally expelled people in Karen State. CNC: Chin National Council, the pro-democracy opposition group of Chin State. Karen Buddhist democratic military. End of 1994 withdrawal from the KNU; Deputy Military of the SDC.

in the southern Karen state. It brings help, hopes and charity to the Burmese population. Good Life Club; an FBR aid organization dedicated to helping women and kids in Burma's expelled community. KA: Karenni Army, the armoured wings of Karenni Army.

Karen: The Karen tribe (MLCTS: MLCTS: Kim lu myo:), Pwa Ka Nyaw Po, also known as Kariang or Yang in Thailand, is an ethnical group in Burma and Thailand. The Karen are the second most populous group in Burma after the Burmese. Since January 31, 1949, the Karen have been fighting for Burma's independency.

Consequently, 31 January is recognised as Revolutionary Day among the Karen. The Kachin Independence Amrpy; is the Kachin Independence Organisation (KIO) militarized armed forces, a Burmese nationalist group. KIO: Kachin Independence Organisation; representative of the Kachin Party. KNDO: Karen National Defense Organisation; KNU affiliate municipal armed forces.

KNLA: Karen National Liberation Military; the KNU's armoured wings since 1975. KNO: Kachin National Organisation, pro-democracy Kachin Organisation. KNPP: Karenni National Progressive Party; Karenni Prodemocratic Resist Group, founded in 1955. KNU: Karen National Union. Prodemocracy in Karen State, founded February 5, 1947. The Myanmar Nationalities Democratic Alliance Military is the Kokang minority's resistant force.

NLD: National League for Democracy; the most important pro-democracy Burmese politics group. Aka the Ta'ang, an ethnical group living in North Shan State and South Kachin. SAF: Sudanese Army; Military of the Republic of Sudan. Participated in fighting activities against insurgents and civilised people in the mountainous Nuba area of South Sudan.

They are an ethnical group of Tai in Southeast Asia. Most of the population of the River Dan lives in the state of Burma, but also in parts of the Mandalay Division, Kachin State, Kayin State and neighbouring Pakistan. Although no dependable Burmese government survey has been conducted since 1935, the number of Shans is put at around 6 million.

The State Peace and Development Council; the formal name of the reigning Burmese Armed Forces Junior, succeeding the former State Law and Order Restoration Council, which was adopted after the 1990 restructuring. Ta'ang National Liberation Force; the Palaung people's resistant armies.

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