The name Demantoid refers to the rich green variety of Andradite garnet. The Demantoid Garnet is a relatively new gemstone and is considered one of the most beautiful and radiant stones. Russia's stunning demantoid discovery - Palestine internationally After all, the red have just excavated what promised to be one of the largest finds of greenery of a hundred years. Like demantoid garnets, Fabergé's and the Tsars' royal gemstone. Never-ending woods encircle Russia's historic demantoid mine in the Ural Mountains.

On the next morning our first stop in Moscow was Stoneflower, Nickolai's minerals and gemstone firm, which was founded in Andreievsky Monastery in the sixteenth cent.

So we tell them our tastes and go back to a saunas and a rather early night with great emotion to visit the oldest manufacturing demantoid mine in Russia. They' ve been looking for sequels of the demantoid artery while they waited for us to arrive. There' s a campsite with two very large, old, military-looking, repainted pendants and a campsite with poles and sculpture, together with the important banja (sauna) for relaxing in the afternoon.

This is exactly where demantoid was first found in the last hundred years. Workmen uncovered a blood vessel and soon incredible amounts of Ural pearl were dug up. However, the work has uncovered the artery in an area where I see it. It seems to be almost like a slickicide along a disturbance area.

Or, perhaps, it is a metamorphous form of exposure, but the area containing the demantoid ranges between an inches, up to two ft in this hollowed area in the switch. Grenades are made up of crystal and aggregate, with the best parts insulated in line by small lumps within the hairpin and shining like shiny gleaming lachrymal grenades.

They are up to a quater in size in diameter, most of them are perhaps only 2-3 mm, but in colour from pale greens to darkgreen. Over the mine pea-sized Demantoid specimens are strewn on a single screen in a stunning exhibition of rediscovered treasures. We' re amazed at the scenes by shooting nice, crystalline demantoid in our hands.

Since some of the cliffs are fractured, lumps of exceptionally lush colour become visible, some of which will carve up to two cubes. We' re taking some nice demantoid specimens and show them like hunt trophy on the dining room menu, amidst vodkas, meats and veggies. The name Demantoid refers to the abundant verdant variant of undradite grape.

Colour. Whereas the colour of the demantoid never corresponds to that of the fineest emerald, an Emeraldgreen is the perfect choice. Its colour should be as intensive as possible without being too deep or yellowish-green. Demantoid's colour is thought to be due to chrome. Note that the fire of demantoid is best seen in the light, less saturated gemstones.

The choice of colour is therefore a question of personalisation. While some select an intensive colour and less fire, others favour a brighter colour and more fire. Demantoidal Grenade generally looks best in natural sunlight. Tungsten lights make it appear a little more yellow. Due to its high scattering, demantoid looks great in the same kind of illumination as diamonds, i.e. multi-point (as distinct from diffuse) illumination.

Demantoid is mainly found on the marked as round diamond or pillow cuttings. Cabochons slice demantoid are not often seen. The demantoid is one of the most costly of all shells, with a price similar to that of subtle tsavorit (the other kind of verdant garnet). However, like all precious stone material, inferior (i.e. not jewel quality) items may be available for a few bucks per karat.

Demantoid pricing varies widely according to product sizes and finish. Demantoide is uncommon on facetted stone over 2 ct. Delicate demantoid over 5 carat can be regarded as top of the range products. Demantoid originated in the Urals. A little demantoid pomegranate is heat-treated to enhance the colour. Demantoidal pomegranate has never been synthesised, but there are a number of mimicries.

This includes paraffin and YAG. For the demantoid shell, the best way to maintain it is to wash it with hot, soft and mild tapas. More about demantoid refills in Russia can be found in Gabrièl Mattice's Gem Spectrum Newsletter, Volume 4, No. 1.

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