This is a full-service interior and landscaping office with two showrooms offering a selection of products from all over the world that are clearly deKor. Decor nappy pails and nappy pail mines are the best nappy pails for odor control, price and ease of use. As a full-service interior and landscape design company with two showrooms, we offer a selection of products available worldwide that are clearly deKor.

Decor® Illumination | Made in the USA with LEDs on deck

Decor® lights and railings produce highly energysaving, long service lives and long service lives, with some of the longest guarantees in the world. Our aim is to incorporate the highest possible level of product qualitiy into our range so that you can adjust and overlook it. This means you have to eat more and wait less. They are known for their outstanding power, ultrabright illumination and long service lives.

Being a CREE LED labeling partners, the LED DEKOR® label was independent of DEKOR® and validated by CREE's strict temperature tests. DEKOR® manufactures some of the best of its kind in the Americas, and DEKOR brings this heritage to life. The majority of our production takes place in our Denver, Colorado plant.

At DEKOR® we are creating trend-setting ceiling illumination, landscaping and more. Our goal is to develop and produce the best possible product to provide the best possible service. Our high performance LEDs are designed, manufactured and tested right here in the USA so we can handle every facet of our luminaires from concept to production.

Building life light - a light with LEDs designed to last and improve your life style. Our clients enjoy the heat and light of our luminaires and the way our groundbreaking LEDs are changing their home and their natural habitat. If you decide in favour of DEKOR® illumination, you can sit back and relax with our range of LEDs.

Since then we have redesigned our downlight into our best-selling integrated ceiling lamp Dots?, which is fully integrated into the ceiling and conceived for accessibility. The illuminated pole covers are another way to give your decks atmosphere and eye-catching backlight. Weather-proof, watertight and long-lasting, our abutment copings provide protection for your copings from the weather.

The luminaires come with a 10-year guarantee and a 30-year guarantee on the finishe. With our genuine scenic illumination we combine simple operation with rugged construction. Started with multi-purpose landscaped luminaires such as the Radiance landscape luminaire, which offers controllable high luminous power and a number of different settings for efficacy and flexibility.

The Ginny Lanscape is a slim and contemporary luminaire with a hinge for an individual corner, and the Puck and Go luminaire, a classic but unique Puck and Go luminaire for any area. Empress is a traditional landscaped luminaire that also provides excellent maintenance-saving properties not found in other luminaires.

High Output is one of the smallest scenery spots on the scene. Decor then extended into the harsh aspects of landscaping and introduced a range of supporting walls. Since our Dec Dote ts were used in the hard cape illumination industry, we have developed Paverdote, which were specially developed for embedment in cement, paving and masonry.

Buying DEKOR is not only the best way to get the best value for your investment, but also the best possible value for your investment. We are constantly improving our qualitiy standard and invest in high-precision production facilities, employee trainings and modern test facilities to develop the best possible illumination for LEDs. We' re dedicated to providing high power LEDs for your light fixtures and fittings that meet your guarantees and surpass your expectation.

Over the years, we have developed innovations that enable us to produce high-quality and low-maintenance LEDs that you can rely on. Decor provides lightning for life so that you can have more enjoyment and less time. Many thanks for your visit at DEKOR®. Both of our platform Dots deepened Dots? platform highlights were featured on the success TV show Treehouse Champion Season 3.

It was Treehive Behehive - called after a beehive-shaped tree house made for a pair from Redmond, Washington. Decks Dots were used as stepped lighting to illuminate the path to the Treehive Belve. For more information and pictures of the dive site, please see our website  Dots? Baumhausmeister construct tree houses - privately owned escape routes that "bring man and woman nearer to nature", they raise minds and inspired dream.

Decor is expanding its range of industry-leading pole cap luminaires with new fl at posts. With this new pattern, it fits most handrail sections and gives your decks a low tread and breathtaking sheen. The same unbelievable 10 year / 30 year guarantee applies to our Top Canopies.

Made of the highest qualitiy airplane aluminium and available in 8 free colours with different lightingfigurations. Our Flat Profile PoCap is still available without lights or with 1 to 4 sides illuminated. There' s also a new " pinacle " skylight feature, new in this pole coping pattern.

At DEKOR® we strive to make our customers' lives simpler. Get the most out of your decks - lighting a celebration or simply adding atmosphere, convenience and stylish. Present your gardens, accentuate your countryside and bring security to your home. Gives your cuisine an inviting shine, bright, deep edges and eliminates shade.

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