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Foundation of the Myanmar Intellectual Property Office (IPOM). Have a Myanmar cup for your cousin Beatrix. Anyone of Myanmar (Burma) or Myanmar descent. A law on citizenship of the Union has been adopted, which defines which ethnic groups can obtain citizenship. Development policy for small and medium-sized enterprises in Myanmar.


South-East Asia on the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea..... Burma was a provincial area of British India from 1886 to 1937 and a distinct royal settlement from 1937 to 1948 when it achieved autonomy. In 1989 the land was formally re-named Myanmar.

Yangon (Rangoon) is the biggest town. n. Union of, Burma. Nomen1: Myanmar - a hilly country in Southeast Asia on the Bay of Bengal; "Myanmar has a lot of opium",


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Ford's robust and sophisticated Everest defines Myanmar SUV segment

  • Packed with reliable and intelligent functions, the new Everest is now also available in Myanmar with 3. 2 Turbo Diesel transmissions and 2. 2 Turbo Diesel transmissions. YANGON, Myanmar, June 22, 2016 - Ford and its subsidiary Capital Automotive Limited today unveiled the new Ford Everest, which is setting the standard in the SUV sector with impressive off-road and street performance, cutting-edge technologies and sophisticated passenger compartment luxury for up to seven passengers.

Deliverable all-wheel Drive, Everest is the most potent SUV in its category, and is available from $62,250. Available in eight different colors, Sunset Red and Jet Black, Everest provides industry-leading security capabilities, with seven air bags. In addition, it was recently rated a 5-star ASEAN New Car Assessment Program (NCAP).

"Everest is brand new and provides a bright mix of performance, security and intelligent technologies packaged in a daring new look that is sure to attract Myanmar customers," said David Westerman, General Manager, Asia Pacific Emerging Markets, Ford Motor Company. Many practical functions have been developed for the operator and the family.

The new Everest is equipped with the easy-to-handle, rain-sensitive windscreen wiper, an electric 8-way driver's cab and the most extensive range of security characteristics in this series. The new Ford Everest has been engineered from the bottom up to operate in the harshest environment.

The Everest, one of the hardest SUV' s in its class, has a real body-on-frame construction that provides the torsion resistance needed for demanding terrain. Everest is designed to take its rider anywhere, with 225mm clearances between the rider and the surface so that he can drive up no matter what is in the way.

Paired with an 800 mm watertank, an activated torque on demand manifold and angled take-off and landing approaches, Everest gives you effortless full controll. Performance and efficiencies to go further The Everest's amazing performance is made possible by one of two Ford Duratorq engine models from Ford's world-renowned Duratorq range, combined with a robust and effective six-speed auto or six-speed manually-gear.

Everest Titanium is fitted with the latest version of the 3.2-liter Duratorq five-cylinder 200-hp DCi turbocharged 470Nm turbocharged TDDCi 3 -liter 3 -liter diesel engines for those looking for the ultimate in performance and torsional-horsepower. This gives it more performance and torsional stiffness than any other luxury vehicle in its category.

Everest Trend is backed by the latest version of the 2.2-liter Duratorq four-cylinder 160-hp AC-DCi engine with a 385 Nm engine output for those who want maximum economy but don't want to make compromises in terms of output. Intelligent styling for maximum convenience and security This segment-determining car also features a contemporary, sculptured styling that conveys its stunning abilities and progressive intelligent tech.

With a rugged front end with striking LEDs and a broad stand, the new Everest has a strong street profile, and its chased and engineered appearance makes it extremely effective. Regardless of how hard it is outside, inside the seven-seater, the top-of-the-range SUV provides maximum convenience with more than 30 well thought-out storage compartments, several sockets and versatile sitting and charging configurations.

Everest is also the first Everest in Myanmar in its category to feature in the third seat line a superior compromise between passengers' needs, convenience and packaging efficiencies. Everest makes it simple to find a little more room at the push of a single switch, whether for passengers or baggage.

At Everest, too, security is paramount. Made of high-tensile material such as Borosteel, up to seven air bags - more than any other in the industry - form a protective net for front and rear drivers and occupants. Prices and 8 high-performance colors in Myanmar starting today, Ford Everest is starting at $62,250 for the 2.2-liter 6-speed manual Everest ambience and starting at $89,000 for the 3. 2-liter 6-speed automatic Everest Titanium area.

Available in 8 powerful colors such as Sunset Red, Jet Black, Aluminium Metallic and Sparkling Gold.

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