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"He had a slightly pointed chin, and there were stubble marks. Chin synonyms, chin pronunciation, chin translation, English dictionary definition of chin. The middle anterior part of the mandible. v. chin definition: The exercise helps to tighten the muscles of the face and chin.

Sense a stretch build directly under the chin and in the jaw area.


1formal strike or blow (someone) to the chin. Pull the chin up so that the chin lies with the legs above the floor (a flat bar), as an exercising. Informally Stay happy in challenging conditions. In relation to the chin or its speech. 1 A member of a tribe from southwest Burma (Myanmar) and adjacent parts of India and Bangladesh.

2-mass nouns The Tibeto-Burmese of Chin, with about 800,000 people.


For inactive conversations; chatters. chin?less adj. American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition.

Keep your chin up to stay happy in challenging conditions. Short sometimes to: Chin up! 3. grab an upper rod and raise it until the chin is above or at the height of the rod: as an exercising part.

4th raising or holding the chin like a fiddle. v.i. 5th 1. holding the chin up, keeping the boldness and openness in a time of need. Take it on the chin, informally. a. to be thoroughly conquered. b. to bear the penalty stoic. chin?less, adj. n. a Chinese ruling family, 221-206 BC, characterized by the formation of a united kingdom and the building of a large part of the Great Wall of China.

Chin. or Chin, 1st China.

Chin " samples.

He had been handled by the multitude and had been struck on the chin. The chin support was used to ensure a firm posture of the skull. Since he' s guiding with his chin, it's only sporty that he's giving in now. Nasal and chin areas were used as references.

The test persons were sitting at a spacing of 57 cm from the screen; the patient's chin restraint retained the posture of the patient's skull. He' s like that with his chin. We like it. The observation range was 10 cm and a chin and headrest were used. Features were: Hairs, face-hairs, throat, vocal, body, height, complexion, hands/feet, muscles, chin, nostrils, jaws, language and gestures/movement.

However, the chin rest is something useful for the palms, so the palms must be for the chin rest outaptations.

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