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To officially qualify as Burma, the woman must meet at least two of the following three criteria: Burmese synonyms, Burmese pronunciation, Burmese translation, English dictionary definition of Burma. Look at Burma's names on Wikipedia. The reasons cited include the dropping of a relic of colonialism or the trivialization of the connection to the Burmese ethnic majority. Myanmar definition: a country in Southeast Asia whose official name is Myanmar.


A phrase that was minted when you can't think of anything else. on TV. left his line/lost his place and spontaneously said the word'burma'.: maybe he came from next door. clearese: ! chapman: Myanmar! cleese: ......why did you say "Myanmar", get a Myanmar cup for your kitty Helena.

Masculine analogy of that term is bummo. Your trousers at the grocer'. mum? Some Burmese guy, mate. A Burmese cup for your buddy José.

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"Burma." June 29, 2018. "Burma." June 29, 2018. Myanmar; a south-east Asian nation on the western shore of the Indochina peninsula. Myanmar is a long-established name and was the legal name until 1989. Look at Burma's names on Wikipedia. Coming from Burma ??? (, informal version of ?????? (mran-ma); see Myanmar for more information.

"Burma." June 29, 2018.


The Union of, Burma's legal name. Cambodia seems to have a thriving civic community in comparison with its neighbours Myanmar, Vietnam and Laos. Have you visited Myanmar, which is one of the other major locations? In 2006 I travelled to Myanmar for a few week with a journalism lover, and it kind of knocked me out.

It was prosecuted by Myanmar, Laos, Thailand and China prosecutors. Joining the Muang Tai Army, a former Myanmar branch of the Myanmar opposition, he struggled against the Burmese army jungle, an ancient name for part of Burma and a mother tongue name for the land that was formally elected by Burma's Burmese army leaders in 1989.

Among the causes cited are the dropping of a colonialist reliquary or the trivialization of the Burmese ethnical hegemony. Burma's legal name since 1989. Edited by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Verlag.

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