Decent Hotel Yangon

Yangon Hotel, decent

The Wednesday Flame is at the Decent Hotel. Pinoon Village Hotels & Resort: The breakfast is decent and there are free water refills. Hello folks, can you recommend a decent guesthouse or hotel right at the roundabout of the Sula Temple in Yangon? Inexpensive hotel in the heart of Yangon.

Reasonable Yangon Resort - Rating of MK Resort, Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar

Myanmar's position was great for eating and buying your everyday drink and something you shouldn't be bringing with you off Myanmar. That is why I believe that this is the perfect place for almost every kind of tourism, not only for businessmen but also for amusement. All I cared for the elderly during my sojourn was that the room was too dim for the traveler in written form & work related to the web for e-mailing etc..

Décent Hotel - Rating of Alfa Hotel, Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar

It was the first one with my whole Yangon household (2 children), Alfa's staff provided free additional beds for my children and handhelds, which we did not ask for, which was a big shock. We' ve reserved a room overlooking the Shwedagon Pagoda and it was fantastic at work. Headlights illuminated the whole pagoda, which was breath-taking.

The position of the guesthouse is very favourable. There is a possibility to go to Shwedagon Pagoda and Bogyoke Markt (large gift market). Whenever we go out and the bellboy asks if we need an umbrella or if we need a cab ride. It gave us more money for things we like to pay for.

The room is a three-star motel, very neat and neat inside. I just wanted to point out that the room waters need some heating up, otherwise there was nothing else we wanted to say.

Décent Hotel - Review of Central Hotel Yangon, Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar

It' my first commercial trip to Yangon. We' re booking this $80 place, we stay three over. The choice of breakfasts was good with well prepared meals. The café is very good. The staff were very courteous and supportive. We' re giving a thumbs up for the bellboys...they are all very courteous and very willing to help us get a taxid.

On the sixth level there was also a 6000 kilo feet and 9000 kilo bodies massages.

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