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The Wealthinns U Chit Mg Hotel: Decent hotel in Sanchaung, Myanmar. Decent hotel address, phone number, email, reviews and photos. Very decent hotel in Yangon. A decent hotel worth the money if you travel on a budget.

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But the room we spent the night in is already showing some wearing due to an overhaul. and the good plumbing. It tends to get blocked with bristles and soapy lye, as it is not easy to reach for washing, although it is easy to rinse with theidetspray.

There is a large TV with some CATV and CNN as well as a number of TV and radio stations. In the Myanmar can, the refrigerator has Myanmar beers, non-alcoholic beverages and 2 litres of filled and filled drinking cups. It is situated at the western end of Yangon city centre and can be regarded as one of the quieter sides of the city.

They can simply take a cab along Bo Gyoke Road. Junction Maw Tin shopping mall and grocery store can be reached via the bustling Anawratha Road. Go a little further to get your falsea (cold drink) and other deserts and pies at the Shwe Pu Zun bakery and soft drinks café.

Downstairs there is a large terrace with a terrace. The groundfloor restaurants offers breakfasts and à la card meal service (lunch and dinner) until 9 pm or 10 pm. It' a pretty good and delicious one. You will be served breakfasts, either regional or international. Number 601 is the only room on the sixth level, the remainder is used by the personnel.

Otherwise, the room can be reached comfortably and conveniently via the lift.

Wealthinns U Chit Mg Hotel, Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar - Review

It' a respectable Myanmar styled establishment, but I would recommend you stick to the Chinatown area near 19. avenue. You will also be saving a great deal of your time on the city centre taxis, which are within walking distance.

After we had "done" Yangon in the past, we reserved this motel for a full days out to Golden Rock (which is a very long days to travel there and back) and this motel is also nearer to the next flight to the city. We' ve hired a chauffeur for the full working days at the front desk to take us to Golden Rock, if you do, make sure as with anything else in Myanmar that you don't take the first one.

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