December Restaurant in Pyin Oo Lwin

Restaurant in Pyin Oo Lwin

Décembre Farm Pyin Oo Lwin. From Mandalay we visit the flower city Pyin Oo Lwin. Dezember little firm pyin oo lwin, may momo - Review of The View Restaurant, Pyin Oo Lwin (Maymyo), Myanmar

So if you blokes have an content to meeting may momo, location's a necessity meeting cognition celebrated December Little Company. The company is 30 minute ride from the city. In December, on the way to the company, the chauffeur will ask you to be waited at the company or when he returns to collect you to your accommodation.

Upon arriving at the company, you will first see many cabin restaurants in the company. On the back of the cabins there is a company for strawberries and cattle breeding. Well, my boyfriend told us to try this restaurant. Attractive presentations and good service!recommend your chickens and chickens!

They' ll reimburse you the admission price (1000ks per person) if you have stayed in their restaurant! E.g. I was paying 1,200 mmk w/ potable solution (1L), but I was paying 300~500 mmk w/ that in other restaurants and inns. Have you been to the View Restaurant?

Where to dine

You will find countless tea shops that serve very simple dishes (e.g. shan noodles), and in the evening many open-air stables will appear near the fair. Taj (Indian restaurant), Kan Taw Lay, Kan Park Street, Nandar Road (on the way to the Kandawgyi National Gardens). In any case it is well deserving of a stop, especially in the evening for dinner or at a cosy sun-downer, with a view of the smaller Kandawlay below the Kandawgyi National Park.

The majority of our restaurant don't serve until about 9 pm. As a rule, the more costly restaurant has a permanent television (Korean soaps) above which "Musak" plays, but in all of them it is possible to find a desk that is far from most of the Cacophonie. Hard to find, but look for her sign next to Sham Sweets on Mandalay-Lashio Road.

Minday-Lashio Rd - look for the umbrella wood below street noir. The Woodland Restaurant. District street. An exquisite restaurant, both indoors and out, that serves Chinese, Thai and Europes cuisines. Situated between the lake and the golf course, it provides outstanding Italian and Thai food in a wonderful area. Restaurant & Rest Area.

Ninety-oneB Club Rd. Neat and welcoming; mainly traditional China cooking. Terrace Food Lounge. Twenty-five Club Roads. It is a working farmstead with a restaurant directly on the street, on the lefthand side towards Mandalay. andalay Lashio Rd, across from the end of Station Rd. It'?s China food. 44 Zay Thit Rd, near Shan Market.

It is a popular restaurant for local people and tourists. Inquire about the Gurkha Rd (the first street constructed in ancient Maymyo). You will find it on the lefthand side. The Htate Tan Restaurant. No. 50, 11A Rd. Good and tasty Shan-meal. The Yoeyar Restaurant. From Circular Rd to the golf club.

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