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Yangon Day Club

in Yangon. Yangon bars and disco clubs. The most modern dance club in Yangon. Our customers are young, trendy and trendy people in the city.

Classified Bars & Clubs in Yangon

With 1h of Yangon's night life is one of the best after-hour adventures in the land - the Myanmar knows how to have a good day, and this party-loving atmosphere is mirrored in the wealth of night clubs and nightclubs throughout the town. However, if you don't want to end up in an empty nightclub at 10pm, continue reading to get to know new crowd, try new beverages and dance into the early morning sun.

Kozan has a good name as one of the liveliest in Yangon, and for good reasons. Classy interiors, welcoming personnel and the best cocktails in Paris make this place an unforgettable nightlife. Situated near the China Chang Sanctuary on 19 st Avenue, the café is easy to access when you explore the capital and is always crowded with Yangon residents and people.

One of the more sophisticated seams in Yangon, BME2 is suitable for both a secret rendezvous and a tile finish for a whole year. The club is a favorite in the German capital's export scene and is home to a number of top DJ talents and a young audience that dances into the early mornings every week-end.

The BME2 drink list and admission price are very high quality, but the ambience and living band/DJ combination more than make up for it. The Pirate Bar may be just the place for you if you want a cool (and cheap) and interesting audience during your Yangon time.

It' s less'all nights rager' and more'cosy nights with friends', but this mix makes it the ideal place to meet with a smaller group if you're looking for a more relaxing alternate to some of Yangon's livelier nightclubs. Go to the 47th Street and don't be fooled by the name of the Pirates - the employees and regular guests of the Pirates Bar are as kind as they come.

With a wide choice of dishes and (probably) the best cocktails in Yangon, the seventh Joint Bar & Grill is a belated add-on to our collection of the city' s most hot nightclubs. The remainder of us have the chance to experience first hands the best of Yangon's untold talents.

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