Dawei Township

Community of Dawei

The Dawei Township (Burmese: ?????

?????????) is a township of the Dawei District in the Taninthayi Division of Myanmar. Its capital is Dawei. Township Dawei (Myanmar) with population statistics, maps, map and location. The Dawei Township is a township of the Dawei District in the Taninthayi Division of Myanmar. Its capital is Dawei.

Mergui Tavoy Situation Report: Township Dawei, February to May 2015

Release Date: This situation update details the situation in Dawei Municipality, Mergui-Tavoy District from February to May 2015, which includes deforestation, training and seizure of property. Burma/Myanmar authorities permitted village residents in Dawei municipality, Mergui-Tavoy district, to study the Karen langauge at their schools, but on-site instructors still did not teaching the Karen langauge in the schoolroom.

Mr. Maw Lar Thar, who ran a caoutchouc factory, seized the villagers' land in Dawei township, Mergui-Tavoy district, and built their homes and plant a caoutchouc factory on seized land. The locals were strongly against this firm. The enterprise, however, kept seizing the villagers' land. Aung Myit Gar carried out deforestation near A--- Village[Dawei Township] in May 2015.

Townspeople and the villager said not to cut timber, but it didn't work because he said he had already asked the Burmese /Myanmar authorities and the Karen National Union (KNU) for their approval to cut timber. Although [Aung Myit Gar] said he asked permissions, the locals couldn't ask him to see the permit letter[because he wouldn't show it to them].

Deforestation took place near A-town. As a result, the inhabitants of the villages tagged the tree and bound it with the cord of the locals woods to preserve their forests. Locals tried to ask other locals for help, but there was no one to help them. By this point we see[the] Myanmar authorities telling[us] that they will give the rights[to learn the Karen language] to the LOC.

Says here that the Karen langauge is in the classroom. This is not in the top grade (extension outside normal office hours). Although we say so, we can clearly see that the Karen teacher does not speak Karen in the classroom. Therefore, some of our instructors teaches the Karen in overtime ("before and after school").

As a result of this practise, pupils have to go to Karen early in the mornings in order to study the Karen langauge and also have to study the Karen langaug. Pupils remain after classes to study the Karen langauge, which means that they return home to take a swim and eat very late-to-earlier.

Burma/Myanmar authorities said Karen should be taught by schoolteachers. Instructors have to give the children the Karen text book but they don't have the timeframe to do so. This was seen in the countryside of our community[Dawei], located in the Mergui-Tavoy district.

With the help and assistance of the Burmese and Myanmar governments, Maw Lar Thar[a well-to-do person ] founded a natural caoutchouc factory. There seized lands of three hamlets that are B-village, C-village and D-village. Guides from these three towns told us that the company's staff built the factory and created a caoutchouc factory that occupied 2,000 hectares of it.

Village chiefs met with the firm in Thit Taw Youn (Office of the Forest) and found that the firm actually took 3,000 acres of rubber plantations. Townspeople were against it, but they (the company) kept on with the country and cultivated the gum orchard until they took another 700 acre of them.

They began to make their country larger and broader in May 2015 because they said they had to build a barrier to keep the gum orchard from fire. Fearing that their supplies of drinking mineral waters would vanish because the firm destroyed their country, they did not want the firm to take theirs.

There' a creek named Lay Law K'Htee between D--- Dorf and C--- Dorf. And the other is Thar Lar Min, between B-village and D-village. U [2] Su Su did all these things[confiscation, demolition, sponge planting] because he is a trusted associate of Maw Lar Thar[the proprietor of the sponge firm].

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