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The Dawei airport serves Myeik and Kawthaung as well as Yangon. The minivan services have started to serve the major city connections (Myeik and Dawei). Booking your flight from Dawei (TVY) to Myeik (MGZ) with our best price guarantee. The distance from Dawei to Myeik how many miles and kilometers, how far is it from Dawei to Myeik. Compute the distance between Dawei and Myeik in miles and kilometers, free of charge, with map and flight time / flight duration to Myeik.


It sounds quite simple to go from Dawei to the northeast (Dawei-Yangoon), but it seems much more difficult to go the other way. It is my plan to take the coach (or boat) southwards of Mawlamyine and Dawei: then crossing the Myanmar-Thai frontier at Kawthaung-Ranong. Only a few busses go to Myeik from Dawei, for example.

For example, all these busses from Yangon via Dawei to Myeik will not collect people in Dawei, even if they get off there. Are there ferries from Myeik to Kawthaung?

From Myeik to Dawei

The Myeik is in Myanmar with (12.4395,98.6003) and Dawei in Myanmar with (14.0738,98.1942) co-ordinates. Myeik-Dawei is 116 kilometers, which corresponds to 187 km. From Myeik to Dawei, if you want to travel by road, the route is 245.24 km.

When you drive your vehicle at an approximate driving pace of 112 km/h (70 mph), the driving period is 02h11min. See the mean journey times chart on the right for different choices.

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One of the most comfortable ways is by plane. With an easy-to-use graphical display, you can make sure your airline ticket is finished in just a few simple mouse clicks! Just click! When you plan to fly from Dawei to Myeik, you should take the itinerary. Dawei is the closest international airfield and its IATA number is TVY.

Next airfield here is with an IATA number, MGZ. There are 3 carriers operating between Dawei and Myeik. There are about 5 planes flying from Dawei to Myeik in one city. For a non-stop trip between these towns the journey time is usually approx. 00h 25m. You can rely on a pleasant trip with the PNR state query, the Web check-in function and our client in-function.

So just make a reservation and relax while we take you to your destinations! Are there any additional places for airline passengers to sleep? Most Business C airline companies offer additional room to sleep. Am I being drunk on a plane from Dawei to Myeik? Do you have a web check-in with Daweik to Myeikflug?

Yes, passengers receive a web check-in with their Daweik to Myeik flights via web check-in or airfield check-in. Is it possible to reserve cheap accommodation near Myeik International Park via the web? Has Dawei International Baby Changer? Yes, the new Dawei International Dawei offers such amenities for baby and toddlers.

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