Dawei to Kawthaung

to Kawthaung

to Kawthaung in southern Myanmar. For Kawthaung, transport information and advice. Barely looked in the L.P. book and it says boats still running between Dawei and Kawthaung, even though they will only be published earlier this year!

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Itinarry in brief

Please note: This trip can also begin from Kawthaung. Flights from Yangon to Dawei. It was one of the first towns where the English established themselves after the First Anglo-Burmese War in 1826. We' re looking around to get an idea of Dawei's everyday routine and well-known attractions. After lunch we head to the well-known Maung Ma Gan Beach.

Soak up the relaxing and not overcrowded seaside ambience with a sundown and a tasty shellfish meal. After a marvellous sundown, come back to your motel. You have the free time in the afternoons. Did you wonder where all the frost comes from to keep the shellfish cool? We' ll go to a small mooring where the yachts are built like they used to be.

You can' t get all shellfish and seawater. We get to know how hard it is to grow sea food on a small village shelter. Myeik's most popular meal is a roasted pasta with sea food. When many countries came together, the Thai, Burmese, Malaysian and Indian dishes became a mixture.

After lunch we will be transferred to the bridge by Tuk Tuk. Take a 10 minute walk from the pier on a historic wood vessel to Pahtaw Island and see the lying Buddha. You will have enough free day in the mornings to go for souvenirs at the markets or just relaxing in your hotels before taking the airplane to Kawthaung.

Checking into your motel we go to the Pyi Taw àye Pagoda on the hills. We will also go to Victoria Point, called after King Bayinnaung, a Myanmar king who marched into Thailand several time between 1548 and 1569. After lunch we shall be visiting a 400 metre long timber footbridge connecting the island of Pa Lut Tot Tot with the mains.

It is a beautiful hillside with sunsets over the whole village and the Andaman Sea archipelago. Comb Iceland is part of the Mergui Archipelago in the Andaman Sea. Kawthoung, the southernmost capital of Myanmar (Burma). It is a beachless sandy cave with a breathtaking Laguna shaped like a frot.

This cove changes the colour of the sea and is therefore also known as Emerald Heart Island. Kawthaung Myo Ma Jetty is leaving in the day. We went to Cocks Comb Island after a breathtaking snorkel in the cove and entered Emeralds Heart through a beautiful channel (guided).

The third stop is Dunkin Island, also known as Say Tan Kyun. On a paradisiacal shore we are enjoying the midday snackbar. Beautiful sandy beaches are ideal for taking pictures. Be free to take a walk along the shore and hear the sounds of the sea and the jungles.

Afterwards we drive to St. Matthews Island, better known under the Burmesian name Tsar Det Gyi Kyun. After lunch we head back to Kawthaung for a shower and refreshment at the Grand Andaman Hotel. There is a 15-30 minute shuttle service from the Grand Andaman Hotel to Kawthaung.

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