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If you are an offensive or defensive player, our large selection of Dawei table tennis blades and bats covers you. The DAWEI devices suspend? The DAWEI devices suspend? I got this message from the USATT website, does anyone know what's going on? so no more Dawei for competitions?

All DAWEI devices have been discontinued as of October 1, 2006 and all DAWEI club surfaces have been removed from the ITF-list!

You can' see it on the ITFF website, so is it real? Only Dawei approved by ICTTF is their rubber, so their knives and other things are not affected. I' dawei with my dawei sword - so fortunate that there are no approved swords.

Outfitting:: Typically USTATT gives no reasons for this. DaveIe says it was a cost squabble when they were sponsoring the world in' 02. I' m just amazed that the usd felt so tired and prominently pushed. Uzatt also said to me that they would like to authorize the gum if Dawei would pay the surcharges.

But I don't understand why this is not advertised on the ITF website, it certainly affects everyone, not just the USA, so it should be officially advertised by the ITF..... oh no, no! Sent an e-mail to the ITF and got this answer:

" ITFD. Your decisions on these ITTFs are made on the basis of a well-founded and accurate choice and do not require any further information. Now it is up to Dawei to resolve this issue quickly. Dearly beloved ITF, because of your'good and right decision' I am now switching to Dawei Inspirit floorcoverings. Suspending the use of tt devices should be due to compliance with applicable laws and standards.

The financial controversy between itstf and dawei should include bookkeepers and attorneys, NOT the gamblers all over the globe. ý Disgrace about itst. I' ve pointed this out to the ITF ("gently"), but it seems they don't see it that way! Maybe more of us should write them an e-mail and point out that they should be representing the team!

Adham Shara, In the interest of the table tennis world, the ITF could review its regulations on "How to obtain a license for racket coverings" (http://www.ittf.com/equipment/Racket_cover_APPROVAL. pdf) to add a declaration under the motto "All outstanding funds will lead to non-admission". But I think that both Goundam and Samdeliman's point are very true, and if maybe more of us email the ITF, they can think again (doubt it!).

Let us ask our delegates at the ITFTF not to reappoint the real executive committee at the next poll. Have we got agents on ITF? I think Dawei owed it to all his clients to make the fucking charges on schedule. All Dawei user should send them an e-mail and not the ITF.

 This is another cargo related to some incident that promoted Dawei about 4 years ago, and Dawei alleges that it is an error since it is not them who raised the cargo but another firm It has nothing to do with Dawei taking care of its clients..... Daweei has always payed the admissionfee.

You asked dawei as your patron, and dawei would pay the corresponding surcharges. There is no better way to use the ICTTF, so they are after dawei in-patients and sports equipment. ICTTF has called them criminals. DaveIe refers to them as unfair accusations. Unfortunately, this also means that today's firm has no right of redress. I myself chose to believe Dawei and placed a $400 order.

I' ll get it cleared if I have to. What are the costs of ITFT device registration charges? May I say usat, but not itstf.

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