Dawei Special Economic Zone

Special Economic Zone Dawei

The Dawei Special Economic Zone is an industrial development project in southern Myanmar. remarks Burma and Thailand have agreed on a MoU of Understanding which allows the Italian-Thai Development Society (ITD) to start work on the deepwater harbor infrastructures in Dawee. Launched in 2008, the initial plan was to construct and design a harbour, a motorway to and from Myanmar and Thailand, as well as industry areas, offices, residential and other infrastructures.

Due to the size of the projekt, however, the projekt has never started. Dawei Special Economic Zone Management Committee met in August 2015 and March 2016 and approved that Italian-Thai Plc. and other associated entities may commence work on the deepwater area.

This deepwater harbour covers 27 km2, the overall area of the site is 196 km2. Dawei SEZ Management Committee was established on 12 October 2016 with members of the Special Economic Zone Central Management Committee and international expe- perts. Dr Tun Naing, Trade Union Minister for Electricity and Energy, was appointed Chair of the Dawei SEZ Management Committee.

The Italian-Thai Plc. group of businesses must prepare a Dawei socio environmental sustainability assessment before the start of the operation. You must also legalize the leasing of land in the area for the site. They will then have to await a communication from the Dawei SEZ Management Committee to start the work.

Myanmar, Thailand and Japan concluded a MOI on July 4, 2015, allowing the three nations to establish Dawei SEZ Development Co. as a special-property company. You will also prepare a blueprint for the piloting and carry out a viability assessment for the motorway work.

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) is carrying out a study for the deep-sea harbor development plan, which includes the construction of an electricity network, the essential infrastructures and the building that will start once the model is complete. An information and education drive was launched on 19 January to increase the visibility of the work.

Dr. Tun Naing, CEO of Dawei SEZ, said that the Ministry of Power and Energy has worked with the government of the Tanintharyi region and is installing 12 natural gaz motors that will provide 12 MW of power to Dawei SEZ. It also said that the Government of the Union has projects for the further expansion of the two areas of Dawei and Myeik in the Tanintharyi region.

Said her ministry was in negotiation with the Asia Development Bank to obtain a low interest lending to her. He said if the account is earned then they will begin building two 230KV electrical substations in Yay City and Dawei. Mawlamyine' s Yay ward will be powered and sent to the Dawei school.

Said the work is expected to take 2 years and they anticipate it to start in 2019. Under the second scheme, a JV will be created with France's totally owned multi-national integral petroleum and natural gas giant Totale S.A. and Siemens AG, a Germany-based diversified group with a business unit in the power industry.

It would be located in Kanpauk and imports LNG by sea. The river is then directed to Dawei, just South of Kanpauk. Dr Tun Naing said that if both power generation projects from Dawei are complete, 500KV from the Kanpauk pipeline can be sent via Mawlamyine to Payargyi, which will in turn be beneficial to Kayin, Mon, Bago and the Yangon region.

Dawei SEZ is to become the biggest industry and trading zone in Southeast Asia. When completed, it will link Dawei with Bangkok, Phnom Penh and Ho Chi Min City.

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