Dawei Sez

Dawe Sez

It is the capital of the Taninthayi region. Some elites will benefit from the revival of Dawei SEZ, but what about the rest? The Dawei SEZ is to be fully expanded. Dawei Special Economic Zone (SEZ) will be fully expanded to speed up its implementation with a five-year lag. A spokesman for the SEZ administration said the first stage of the SEZ was the first one.

There was a high level panel in Dawei SEZ to exchange information and discuss progress made by the Administrative Board and the Italian-Thai Development Society (ITD), which was chosen last weeks for the construction of the first SED.

Governments have been looking for ways to get Dawei SEZ back on track, which has been abandoned since 2013, when ITD retired from the $8 billion SEZ deal for funding reasons. The Japan International Cooperation Agency is currently working on a complete Dawei SEZ masterplan. Completion of the project will take place in April and will be presented to the responsible SEZs.

The full roll-out will begin in parallel with the SEZ's first stage of road and harbour building and power generation," said U Myint San, vice president of Dawei SEZ. "We had many difficulties in relation to the settlement with the former administration and questions of ground damages that had to be addressed with the ITD early stage developers.

We cannot therefore sit and waiting until the early stage is complete to begin the full-cycle. He said: "We have to work together to evolve both stages. It is unlikely that the six current towns participating in the Dawei SEZ will be resettled, according to U Aung Ko, a peasant from the Pagawzon area.

Dawei Nationalities Party President U Aye Min said while it is a good indication that the SEZ will resume after the long break, the SEZ must be designed with the least possible adverse effects on the population. Most of the postponement of the scheme was due to protest for injustice compensation," he said.

There are two tasks forces already established to investigate the resumption of the Dawei SEZ project. The first will concentrate on the issues that arose in the early stages at ITD, while the second will concentrate on extending an 150-kilometre long highway between SEZ and Htee Khee. With 8 billion dollars, Dawei SEZ will be one of the largest mega-projects in Southeast Asia.

Developing the first stage alone would require more than a billion dollars. Dawei SEZ is one of three SEZ in Myanmar.

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