Dawei River

Dawe river

Dawei River or Tavoy River (Burmese: ?????

?????) is a river of the Tanintharyi region, Burma. Dawei River or Tavoy River is a river of the Tanintharyi region, Burma. Dawei River or Tavoy River is a river from Burma. The Dawei River is located in Tanintharyi Division, Burma. Maps, photos and images of Dawei River from Google.

Tavoy Dawei

Dawei, formerly known as Tavoy, is the Tanintharyi Division's main city. It was first named Thargaya City in 1256. Dawei was an important source of pewter for India in the sixteenth c.. Like many southern towns, Dawei is a crucible that Buddhists, Muslims, Christians and Hindus abandon because of its important trade histori.

Myanmar's Myanmar authorities are trying to construct the largest deep-sea harbor in Southeast Asia some 35 kilometres northeast of Dawei. Live Seeing Tip #2: Just walk along the Dawei River to the end. You can reach Dawei by plane from Yangon and Myeik. There are roads, railways (only from the north) and maritime links (only from the south).

You can walk to the main hotel in all the places on the menu.

A walk in Dawei

Although Dawei does not occupy too many monuments, it is home to one of the best collections of UK rural hospitality outside Yangon. The city, together with some bustling market places and well-located teashops, is ideal for a half-day walk. Dawei's major market is both on Arzarni Road.

At the Morgenmarkt on the riverbank, the main focus is on shellfish, fruits and veg. It is a lively and picturesque place with local people and products that arrive at the adjoining quay facilities on the marshy Dawei River. There are a few teashops near by where you can let off steam in the hectic pace of everyday life and probably also get together with some of the local people.

It gets quieter in the evening, but the roofed central square further eastwards on the same street will continue into the afternoons. It is situated approximately halfway between the intersections with Bogyoke and Ye Roads. At the crossroads with Ye Rd, take the imposing old UK administration building and turn off to your right at the next crossroads after a short stop for a cup of tea at MK5.

Through Niban to the Shwe Taung Zar Pagoda's front door. After the hustle and bustle of the markets, the place is more colorful than colorful and quiet, but there will no doubt be a few local people who want to try their English or meet with a visitor - they've been cautioned!

You will descend Niban Road, which today competes with Arzarni as Dawei's major shopping street, and you will come across a few more teahouse and custodian-house. Some of our most popular attractions and activites around Dawei. Some of our favorite accommodations in Dawei.

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