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Coquitlam, British Columbia. Cosplay Photo Hobbyist from Vancouver. Accommodation at Diamond Crown Hotel Dawei.

The Faces of Dawei, Faces of Change

It is a coastal town with less than 5,000 homes in one of the least populated areas of the globe. Dawei Special Economic Zone provides for almost 200 km2 of industry and a deep-sea harbor and related roads, railway and pipelines to neighbouring Thailand and beyond. Photo-journalist Taylor Weidman catches the faces of Dawei as they reflect on what is ahead of them.

He travelled to Dawei in August 2015 with the assistance of the Mekong Partnership for the Environment. He is a frequent contract photographer for Getty Images and has published his work all over the world, among them The New York Times, TIME, National Geographic and others. Fischer is drying his fishing net in Bawar Village, near Dawei SEZ.

Girls are preparing to abandon a store in Nabule, a town within the borders of the Dawei SEZ in Nabule. Buffaloes grazing on a meadow within the Dawei SEZ. Fishermen who were driven out by the Dawei SEZ in Nabule never squatted this relocation town and preferred to look for places better suited to continue their livelihood s and livelihood.

On her motorcycle, a lady passes KM 0 and marks the beginning of the new route from the Dawei SEZ in Nabule 160 kilometres to the Thai frontier. This is the coal-fired station constructed for the Dawei SEZ. There is a friar standing in front of a convent near the Dawei SEZ in Pantininn.

Sacks and cartons of cashews, a well-known harvest of native peasants, stand at a fair in the proposed Dawei SEZ in Nabule. Guys playing swimming in an indoor swimmingpool in the near of the Dawei SEZ in Maungmagan. She is resting with her boy in a shellfish grading plant near the proposed Dawei SEZ in Maungmagan.

Removal of fishery products from the Dawei SEZ in Maungmagan, Burma. Disused machines are located in a stone pit used for the building of the Dawei SEZ in Nabule. I' m haircutting a kid in a fishermen's hamlet near Dawei SEZ. Repair of the gear on the site of the Dawei SEZ Ngapitat docks.

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